Fire destroys Lander home; Authorities have yet to release details

(Lander, Wyo.) – A fire that destroyed a Lander family’s home is still under investigation, and authorities have released no details about the incident to County10. Despite multiple phone calls, all either did not return messages right away or declined to comment at this time.

The apparently fast-moving blaze has leveled the home that stood on the corner of Highway 287 and Lyons Valley Road. Winds during the fire swept smoke across the highway and onlookers stopped in a nearby turn-off to watch the fire.

A Fremont County Coroner’s vehicle was reportedly seen at the scene, but authorities have not confirmed fatalities. There are a number of rumors and speculation on social media, but nothing has been confirmed. More information will be reported as it comes available.

Photo by James Wood

Photo by James Wood


  1. Tia Warden

    The family is in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Ally Palmer

    Hope everyone is ok!!!!

  3. Bob En Maria Gimbergh

    Hope everyone is ok

  4. Gem Humphrey

    Love you all… Your in my prayers…

  5. Lonnie Sutter

    I will prayer for the family is ok.

  6. Andrew O'Neill

    Thanks to the fire fighters that fought to put the fire out. Hopes and prayers to the family.

  7. Amberlee Albright-Guina

    Ur in my prayers it hurts my heart

  8. Trina Schilling

    Love thoughts and prayers go out too this family. Thank you to all the first responders. For putting your lives out there. Prayers for all!

  9. LaToya Timbana Wright

    How everyone is OK! :(

  10. LaToya Timbana Wright


  11. LaToya Timbana Wright

    A thank you to the first responses! N back breakers! Good bless they're hearts…. Prayers for this family!!!

  12. Jim DeAngelo

    my Dear friends lost everything they had, including two children, pray for strength and peace

  13. Jerri Ann Powell

    Our prayers go out to the whole family! Thank you first responders

  14. Annah Brown-Hendersøn

    There is a fundraiser for the family. Please help if you can!

  15. Josh Binns

    Hope everyone was ok

  16. Andi Hill

    Funds are also being collected at Atlantic City Federal Credit Union for those who want to donate with cash or check.

  17. Marie Romero

    this is horrible a parent should never have to bury there child the lose of material things is a terrible thing for this family but losing not only one child but two I can"t even imagine that lose may the good lord hold the hands of this family and hold there hand so they know they are not in this alone:(

  18. Jan de Wolf

    Ziet er niet al te best uit !!!

  19. Bob En Maria Gimbergh

    Maria broer zoon heeft 2 kinderen verloren en een kind
    en hem zelf swaargewond

  20. Bob En Maria Gimbergh

    We leven met ze mee.Moeilek om woorden te vinden

  21. Jean Verstraten

    innige deelneming en dat dit nu eens nooit meer kon gebeuren…..vanwege gans onze familie……….

  22. Anneke van der Heijden-Petersen

    Gecondoleerd en heel veel sterkte ome Bob en tante Maria

  23. Bep van Dijk

    afschuwelijk,wat een tragedie,heel veel sterkte,ik leef innig met de familie mee,hier zijn geen woordenvoor

  24. Bep van Dijk

    afschuwelijk,wat een tragedie,heel veel sterkte,ik leef innig met de familie mee,hier zijn geen woordenvoor

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