County10 gets a breath-taking look at Wyoming’s Red Desert

(Lander, Wyo.) – This morning the Wyoming Wilderness Association hosted a couple of flights over portions of Wyoming’s Red Desert, highlighting various features and areas of future conservation concern. County10 tagged along for the ride.

Bruce Gordon of Aspen, Colo., company Eco Flight was the pilot for the trip, while WWA BLM Community Organizer Jennie Trefren talked about the features. She told stories of the last bighorn sheep and wild bison in the area and spoke about the various protections in place for certain pieces of land. While there is some oil and gas development in the Red Desert, she said the areas will become more attractive for large developers as prices increase.

The small crew flew in a six seat, single propeller plane flew over Red Canyon and South Pass to get to the desert and got a unique look at the Honeycomb Buttes, Oregon Buttes, the Jack Morrow Hills, the Killpecker Sand Dunes (the largest migratory dunes in the U.S.), and Boar’s Tusk.

The ride was slightly rocky at times with pockets of storms here and there, but the views were impeccable. Check out photos below.


  1. Elisabeth Sparks

    Awesome, beautiful Wyoming

  2. Kathy Cooper


  3. Joan Earl

    Brought back beautiful memories of a special period of my life and a painful longing to visit again these beautiful areas when they were pristine oh so long ago…

  4. Benji Kaghan Sinclair

    Thanks to Jennie for making this happen and to Bruce Gordon, for donating his skills, time and fuel!

  5. David Koehler


  6. Keith Collins

    I am happy that these wilderness advocates got to fly over the Red Desert in their gasoline-powered aircraft. Hopefully, they stayed above the federal government's 2000'-above-ground-level recommended altitude so as not to disturb wildlife.

  7. LightAlive Photography

    Hilarious sarcasm.

    I'm going to go back to posting wilderness advocate photos on a coal fired computer that were captured by driving in a gasoline powered vehicle and using a body that is fueled by all sorts of horrible un-eco friendly chemicals and additives now.

    I am happy that you get the chance to drive off road on your gasoline powered motorcycle on public land by the way. Wicked cool man!


  8. Colleen Cabot

    mmmm fabulous pics…red desert is incredible…all those green patches in the dunes are from snow/ice captured under blowing sand in the winter melting thru summer to feed small ponds where spadefoot toads live…indians in prehistory built stone wall gathers atop steamboat mountain to drive bison over the cliffs…this country should be a national monument and wilderness…

  9. Teresa Shively

    Awesome views of our back yard!

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