Unlocked truck with three weapons inside found on Friday; Police took guns for safekeeping

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A resident on Sierra Drive reported that unknown male and female juveniles had just thrown four eggs at their home on Friday morning. There was no damage. In investigating the incident, however, a police officer discovered an unlocked truck with the windows rolled down parked nearby and inside the pickup were two pistols and a shotgun in plain view. The registered owner of the vehicle was contacted who said the vehicle was his son’s and that he would contact him to secure the weapons. After a time when no one came to secure the vehicle, the guns were taken into police custody for safe keeping.



  1. Randy Ray

    Excellent work RPD!! You have just saved someone's life!!! Again, good job. There should be a charge to the owner for reckless endangerment also.

  2. James Thorpe

    How in the world did they save a life be securing a few guns?

  3. Megan Ferguson

    Wow saved a life? How do you know that? They had no right to even take those guns in all reality.

  4. Connie Johnston

    These guns should have never been in an unsecured location. Way too easy for some young person to get hold of and hurt themselves or others. Good job RPD!

  5. Kirbie Despain

    Seriously dramatic much? Saved a life give me a break!

  6. Sarah Mcclellan

    I can see laying on the sidewalk maybe….but in your truck? Seriously. The owner of the truck should have just taken them inside. RPD doesn't need kudos.

  7. Casey Keierleber

    Either way, if a child were to get ahold of those weapons, the owner could not be held responsible due to the mechanism of how the weapons were obtained. I believe that RPD could also be wrong here based on Wyo. Stat. 6-3-303. By law, these weapons were secure because they were on private property that nobody had permission to be on or in. If my weapons were in my house, stolen, then used in a crime, who is charged? Not this guy!!!! I would be very forward in a lawsuit against my weapons being taken. Nobody is above the law, it's there for a reason.

  8. Rhett Rogge

    They were in plain sight. And there was only one pistol and a shotgun. They are liers

  9. Laurie Parazoo

    How was a child going to get the unloaded guns at 2AM?? First of all it was dumb to leave vehicle unlocked! Agreed bug get the story right it was only one pistol and they had no proof that the vehicle was linked to the egging incident or they would've charged the juveniles w/ vandalism! They just happened upon the truck by accident! It's not illegal to carry unloaded guns in your vehicle in this county! Lots if hunters do it! Happened to have been shooting that afternoon?? Anyone anyone? Yes irresponsible but not illegal! Ding believe everything you read as truth!

  10. Laurie Parazoo

    Don't believe I mean

  11. Chancey Wilczewski

    I agree, I'd look into the statutes and possibly file a lawsuit.

  12. Chuck Bryant

    Aren't you glad the kids didn't help themselves to to guns in plain sight in the unlocked vehicle? They could easily have moved up from eggs to bullets.

  13. Keith Collins

    Too many people are becoming too politically correct. 35 years ago, half the pickups around had rifles in the back window, and were usually unlocked. Granted, it would be more responsible to lock your vehicle, but Wyoming does not need to become like the leftist parts of the country, where allowing "access" to a gun is a crime. The crime is in what someone DOES with a gun or any other object. When your kid has friends over do you lock up all your sharp kitchen knives and your kid's baseball bat?

  14. Lauri Shoopman

    R u kidding people this is Wyoming not CA!!! Most people have guns and leave them in vehicles unlocked and nothing happens!!! If Wyoming gun owners can't feel safe that their rights r not violated about unlawful search and seizure then God Help US ALL!!!

  15. Laramie Crowder

    Guns should be secure, but to enter property and take legal owned property is against law. Police should have not taken private property. And saved a life, no proof they did anything except enter private property and confiscate legally owned guns.

  16. Jon Sonnenschein

    I'm curious to know if the vehicle the guns were confiscated from was parked on private property or in the city street. That will maybe play a part in knowing if the police were legal in their actions by taking them.

  17. Jon Sonnenschein

    People should be charged with reckless endangerment for leaving matches lying around too. Those start fires.
    Or cars with the keys left in them. After all cars kill more people than guns.

  18. Randy Ray

    If you are too stupid to figure it out I am not wasting my time explaining it to the inbred crowd

  19. Randy Ray

    how you know they were unloaded?

  20. James Thorpe

    Inbred? That's the best you can come up with? My guns have sat in my truck for months and no one ever got killed or hurt. So why don't you go crawl back into your hole and stay quiet.

  21. Randy Ray

    I have the right to speak my mind man camp hole

  22. James Thorpe

    What is a man camp hole? Your kinda in the wrong state to be anigun. Almost everyone in this state has a gun and if something happens the first thing your gonna do is call someone with a gun to save you.

  23. Randy Ray

    Big difference between knives in a drawer and guns in a unlocked truck sitting on the street. People change the story too many times to fit their agenda. Remember, this is NOT 35 years ago. Crime is rampant in Riverton is going to get worse. Become part of the solution, not the problem. I guarantee you one if not more of the ones that have made fun of my original post will have a gun stolen from them. Each day of ignorance, the odds increase. Let me ask you this, do you leave your wallet on the seat of your vehicle?

  24. Keith Collins

    More people are killed with hammers and knives each year than with guns. All kinds of violent crime (including "gun" crime) are down by more than 50% since their peak in the early '90s. Per capita violent crime is at 1960s levels. "Become part of the solution" – that's cute. Is that original?

  25. Randy Ray

    try to have an adult debate and you act like a scolded child. end of conversation. never did answer the question. just like a republican, confronted with logic you act like a rat stuck in the corner.

  26. Keith Collins

    You lose.

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