Riverton woman cited for animal cruelty for leaving dogs without shade over the weekend

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A 22-year-old Riverton woman has been cited for Animal Cruelty after leaving for the weekend and not providing any shade for her two dogs that were chained up in the back yard.

Neighbors concerned over the welfare of the two black Labrador dogs called police and said the dogs were trying to cool off by sticking their front legs into in a 5-gallon water bucket. The responding officer saw one of the dogs with its legs in the water bucket, and “vigorously panting” and “obviously overheated.” The officer took the dogs off of the chain so they could go to the shady side of the back yard, which was fenced.

None of the neighbors knew who lived in the house, located in the 1400 block of Aspen Drive, but officers did get one lead. One resident said they thought the dog owner worked at a local grocery store. Police went to the store and found a woman who reported the dog’s owner had gone to the mountains and left the dogs in the care of a roommate, who also apparently left for the weekend.

The owner of the dogs was contacted by telephone. According to the police report the woman said she left town on Friday with plenty of food and water for the dogs to last the weekend. She said the dogs had access to shade, but the police officer did not find that to be the case. She said the dogs were chained to a basketball hoop because they can jump over the fence.

The woman’s co-worker at the grocery store said she would take care of the animals until the owner returned.

Leaving dogs out in the summer sun without shade is just as dangerous as leaving them in a vehicle, which could cause fatal results for the animals. See summer care for dogs by clicking here. 


  1. LaToya Timbana Wright

    :( how sad! See how she would like being chained to a basketball pole… N the frying heat!!! Smh

  2. Kimberly Jones

    That story is a bunch of crap.The person that she trusted to look after her dogs should have been ticketed. I know for a fact she takes good care of her animals and would not have knowingly left them in the care of someone that would neglect them!

  3. Nancy York

    why don't they (the dogs) chain her to the post for a week-end.

  4. Paul Johnson

    She STILL has overall responsibility for the care of animals, and her "friend", while morally responsible, does not have the LEGAL responsibility for the dogs unless there is a contract (such as with an animal boarding facility). I have the same problem, and have trusted a relative to care for my dogs when I am in the hospital, but received a warning because he left them outside and they started barking. We had an agreement how he was to care for them, but he will not abide by the agreement. Now we will have to find a place to board them when I am in the hospital.

  5. Mary Lemley

    She should of taking her dogs with her. She got what she deserved she should have better judgement in the people she left her dogs with. Shame on her

  6. Cassie Lemley

    I have a feeling I know who it was but not sure. Who was it?

  7. Cassie Lemley

    Its the mountains for gods sake. Take them with you! I do

  8. Kimberly Jones

    Cassie that isn't my place to say. Sorry :/ but she is not the person they portray in this story.

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