Fourth suspect in Sinks Canyon cabins vandalism case arrested

(Lander, Wyo.) – A fourth subject has been arrested in connection to an allegedly severe vandalism of two cabins in Sinks Canyon.

Maxine Lawson, 19, of Riverton, turned herself in to authorities Sunday evening for outstanding arrest warrants related to the case. She is charged with two counts of Conspiracy to Commit Property Destruction and Defacement, Criminal Entry and Burglary.

Fremont County Undersheriff Ryan Lee said this was the fourth and final arrest to be made in the case at this time. Lawson is charged along with James Webb, 20; Michael Vinich, 20; and Shaun Zgurich, 19, all of Lander.

The four are alleged to have caused more than $20,000 in damage to two cabins in the back of Sinks Canyon near the the Bruce’s parking lot.

“It appeared as if a group of people broke into the homes and stayed for several hours partying and basically ransacking and destroying everything they could get their hands on,” Lee said in a statement. “We found shattered windows, holes in the walls, discharged fire extinguishers, broken dishes; the interior of the homes and their contents were extensively destroyed.”

For more about the case, see this story.


  1. Robert Cherry

    Just found the summer work crew for sinks!!

  2. Brandon Haviland

    Ha what a bunch of DBags… hope it was worth it… and hope that cabin you guys destroyed was the judge that gave you your sentence…

  3. Cheryl Heckart

    They look like what they did…damage!!

  4. Christine J. Beers

    So sad. No respect for anybody's elses possessions.

  5. Matthew Geraud Franklin

    What the hell Maxx Lee Lawson !!! What where you thinking? text me when you can

  6. Laramie Crowder

    I don't blame the parents, but somehow these punks did not learn respect for others property. They need to be punished too full extent of law. Hope they don't get a bleeding heart judge.

  7. Mandi Tutton

    Until your blood is pure and your hands are clean, stop judging others! It is said "thou shalt not judge." You're condemning her for her wrong doings, but you yourself are just as guilty! What ever happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty in a COURT OF LAW, NOT a "court of community?"

  8. Tessa Hawkins-Chavez

    Go Brandon

  9. Brandon Haviland

    Umm there is no innocent on this case they were caught on camera from the cabin… that's like some one robbing some on on camera and saying it wasn't them… no one is perfect but everyone has the right of free speech…

  10. Shawn Beebe

    Angry young people!

  11. Dareese Grover

    They were caught on camera that is enough to judge. What more prove do u need to prove them guilty?

  12. Amanda K. Matthews

    For those of u defending the people that did this, I guarantee u wouldn't be if it was your cabin that was destroyed. Coming from a good family doesn't means that they knew right from wrong and chose to do the wrong thing because they thought it was cool to do. If someone is going to be brave enough to break into someone's home and destroy everything in it, then they better be ready to suffer the consequences. Don't bitch an moan when u get in trouble and are facing time when u knew u shouldn't have been doing it in the first place. And it's not called judging, it's called having empathy for the victims and only sympathy for the criminals because they are messing up their lives. I don't feel sorry for anyone who breaks the law, I only feel sorry for their families if they are good people and have done everything they could to steer them on the right path.

  13. Kemper Funk

    Disrespectful for sure. Don't they realize they are accountable for their actions? Poor choices indeed.

  14. Trinity Webb

    James is my brother, so all you can shut your mouths… yeah there dumb and are paying for what they did.. but fuck you all DON'T need to bash them on a social network… we all have done dumb shit. Doesn't mean everyone called you out. Leave them alone there in jail its done and over with…

  15. Dawn Parker

    Don't worry bro ur just getting flack cuz a bunch of people know these kids. I think it's kind of funny how some of the people getting after u for your comments are also the same people who talk about everyone else on these comment threads. Do I think sitting in judgement of others is okay, no but I also don't think being a hypocrite is either. My brother is stating his opinion good or bad right or wrong so don't sit here and act like it's anything different than what u guys do to others.

  16. Johnna Vinich

    Stop runnin your mouths all you shit talking punks Fuck Off so what these kids messed up an made a bad decision None of you by any means are perfect these kids are genuinely good hearted people Michael is my brother so keep your loud dick suckin mouths shut you don't fuckin even know

  17. Johnna Vinich

    Another thing maybe all these kids in Lander an Fremont county wouldn't be running around partying if the fucking Cops there weren't passing out meth and doing favors for girls who suck their dicks insted of investing money for another bank in lander why not actually make an arcade or something for young people to do and Brandon Havill your the Dushbag we all know you took it in the butt when you were at that party in high school

  18. Tonya Peterson

    What I want to know is why aren't the other two girls being arrested too?? If they were all equally involved, then they should be in trouble as well.

  19. Cassie Lemley

    pretty sad thats a majority of this generation..

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