Wisconsin man learned about Frontier Justice Saturday night in Riverton

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Call it a case of Frontier Justice. A 32-year-old man was arrested on two counts of simple assault, and one count each of public intoxication and interference after a series of events late Saturday night and Sunday morning.

It seems that one Michael Thomson of Appleton, Wisc., had been trying to get patrons at The Boot Bar to fight with him. Unsuccessful, he moved down the street to another bar. Apparently Thomson’s behavior was the same at that establishment and bar staff and some patrons removed him outside.

According to a police report on the call, the group of people who had been at the first bar, and then went to the second, decided it was time for them to return to the first bar and they headed out the door. That’s when Thomson allegedly followed them trying to pick another fight and telling the group that he was going to knock their teeth out. He tried, but his intended victim put him to the ground. Apparently not satisfied, Thomson allegedly got up and then began punching women in the group. That did it.

The men there took care of business and Thomson was found laying on the street surrounded by about 20 people when police arrived.

All of the witnesses gave the same story, a police report indicated.

The man would not cooperate with police, except to say that he was Marty McFly (A fictional character from the Back to the Future movie franchise). Police were able to find the man’s wallet and learn his real identity, though.

Taken to the hospital for his injuries, Thomson was suggesting there that nurses should give him some sexual satisfaction, and with some young children in the ER, police got him out of there and arrested him.



  1. LaToya Timbana Wright

    Ugh! What a disgusting, disrespectful, Bayard! He got what he deserved! Lol

  2. Danny Svilar

    Don't mess with Wyo bud!

  3. Danny Svilar

    Don't mess with Wyo bud!

  4. Connie Wolff

    His momma should be so proud.

  5. LaToya Timbana Wright

    That's right jaja

  6. Beth Pohl


  7. Kitri Cooper

    This is why I love people in Wyoming! They stand up for things like this! That guy got what he deserved!

  8. Brad Kovach

    "The men there took care of business"

    Is County 10 TMZ? Weren't you guys putting down another new outlet recently for not being objective? Who are you today? The pot? Or the kettle?

  9. Monte Draper

    sounds like he had it comin.

  10. Roxanne Foos

    DAMNNN thats how we do it Wyoming! !! Take care of it ourselves!

  11. Kirbie Despain


  12. Adida D. Ryan

    Omg! Only in Riverton!

  13. Hailey Reiter


  14. Marian Robinson

    Score one for the cowboys.

  15. Buck Wells

    welcome too wyoming mr/ mcfly ;)

  16. Sonija L York

    I seen that fight when my kids an I were taking our walk. Scared the hell outta my kids. I later ran over there cause I heard my son's voice. It was my son that kicked his ass. An that was on top of him. After that guy had sucker punched Billy in the face.. and yes he did get what he deserved..

  17. Tiffany Truax

    Haha what a puke…hitting women he's a bit** got what he had coming..I and welcome to good ol Wyoming:))

  18. Kelly McGill

    Must of wound up at Bombers

  19. Justine Frantz

    Haha Brad! So true!

  20. Patricia Renee Clarke

    You messed with my cousin. .and he did that to your face! You got what you deserved . Now go back to wisconsin…

  21. Ken Swan

    was thinking the same thing Kelly…

  22. Brett Kahler

    Beyond the story in question, this is one of the worst articles I've ever read. Could someone please tell me where "Frontier Justice" is defined, or why it requires capitalization? Terrible journalism.

  23. Jason Brown

    Where are you from again ya want to know what frontier justice is go talk to a old timer or a rancher till then you will never understand

  24. Brad Kovach

    Well said, Brett.

  25. Forrest Phillips

    I am wondering, If you are so brilliant why is it that you were not the one writing the story ? Is it possible you are related to this MORON ?

  26. Barry Estes

    What a stupid dumbass!

  27. Brad Kovach

    Ah. Nevermind. County 10 is clickbaiting.

  28. Kevin Letterman

    When someone wants to get his ass beat that bad….someone should oblige.

  29. Brad Marrow

    way to go billy

  30. Kari Angell Vaughn


  31. P.h. Schroeder

    When do you think Wyoming will become civilized and not part of a 3rd world country. There must be more to this story. The whole thing is ugly and no one should condone vigilante or any other home grown justice.

  32. Cyndy Schooner

    What would have happened if he'd found a woman alone? I don't want to think about. We're respectful of people who treat us with respect.

  33. P.h. Schroeder

    Most of the women that I know in WY can beat the crude out of men. Or just shoot them. They are only helpless in a case like this one.

  34. Western men take care of their women and kids!!!

  35. Ed Dike

    So P. H., according to your logic, it's more civilized to be a victim than fight back? You can't be a Wyoming native. If you are, you should move.

  36. P.h. Schroeder

    I am and I learned nothing good comes from acting like an idiot. As to your comment ,that is old crap and you need to shut your pie hole.

  37. Ed Dike

    P.h. Schroeder LOL, that's not going to happen.

  38. Margaret Wirtz Brunker

    Wait til he gets to jail. See how many fights he picks there

  39. Shandra Hunt

    Just so this is clear Billy York was not the one who messed him up! This fight happed an hour after the BRAWL THAT BLOCKED OFF MAIN STREET!!! which also was a block down from where he got whooped! So miss/ Mrs. York your son did not do this I would appreciate it if you guys could stop boasting about it

  40. Brian L Kimball

    P. H. Shroeder sounds like a typical liberalist. We Conservatives fight for what is right, and stand up to fight against what is morally wrong. You sir, can kiss my ass if you think standing up for woman whom are being battered in the street is not the right thing to do. Be gone!!

  41. Michael Marshall

    Id pound his butt to hitting women

  42. Paul X Armijo

    Wyoming is filled with a bunch of pussies just like this dude . He is in the right state . Fuck him and fuck Wyoming worse state ever

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