Rocky Mountain Power program earns national recognition for renewable energy program

(Salt Lake City, Utah) – Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky renewable energy program has once again received national recognition. For the 11th year, the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory ranked PacifiCorp—which includes Rocky Mountain Power and Pacific Power—in the top five utility green power programs in the country. For 2013, Blue Sky ranks second for participating customers and third for renewable energy sales through a voluntary program.

“Our Blue Sky customers have helped build a market for renewable energy for more than a decade and have helped fund the construction of more than 120 community-based renewable energy projects in our service area,” said Richard Walje, Rocky Mountain Power president and CEO. “For customers who want to support the continued growth of renewable energy, Blue Sky is a smart choice that makes a real difference for the environment and sustainability.”

At the end of last year, there were a total of 94,787 Blue Sky customers in six states. These customers made a difference by supporting more than 634 million kilowatt-hours of renewable energy during 2013, with environmental benefits equivalent to avoiding 395,844 tons of carbon dioxide. That’s like taking 74,169 cars off the road or planting 9.3 million trees. Blue Sky customers also helped fund dozens of new community-based renewable energy projects.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory – Top 10 Utility Green Power Programs for 2013

–Provided by Rocky Mountain Power

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  1. Marilyn Deyo

    The Blue Sky project is a misnomer. Our formerly pristine, blue skys in Mont. and Wyo. have turned into a garbage dump for huge airplanes dumping chemicals, etc. into our skys. They view the public with their usual disdain, that we don't know the difference between condensation trails and chemical trails. Who is behind this, our politicians refuse to acknowledge that it is going on. More lies.

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