Day in the Park featured vendors, political candidates and even a bobcat on a leash

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Day in the Park today at Riverton City Park was a blast, and it could have been much hotter than it was. Hundreds of people flowed through the park to browse the various vendors, meet different organizations and shake hands with political candidates.

There was even a bobcat on a leash! Thanks to everyone who stopped by County10’s tent; it was great to meet you all. If you’re seeing this before 3 p.m., run check out the before it closes for the year.

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  1. Tye Wilczewski

    For fan of the bobcat visit Milo's page on Facebook

  2. Carol Alfke Whitehurst

    A bobcat on a leash and throat/mouth cancer in his pocket…

  3. Carrie Gavin

    Seriously rude!

  4. Ken Swan

    judgemental much??? Carol?

  5. Kim Barham

    Carol…. What business is it of yours whats in his pocket… None!

  6. Carol Alfke Whitehurst

    I guess it's the nurse in me that cringes to see someone in the public eye, who is attracting children to him (by the bobcat), use chew. not only for his sake but for the children who look up to him.

  7. Graham Franks

    Whey to go Carol!!! How about you go back to Massachusetts were your opinion probably matters. Get a life.

  8. Paula Shankle

    I too have a concern about the bobcat. It is a wild animal, cute now but as it ages, still wild animal. When it bites, mails someone, will it still be so cute?

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