Dog bites 78-year-old pedestrian, owner won’t chain the dog, citation issued

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A repeat offender harboring a dog prone to biting pedestrians was cited, again, on Tuesday, after his black collie attacked a 78-year-old man. The pedestrian was walking on the sidewalk in front of a home in the 400 block of Spire Drive when the dog allegedly ran out of a garage, bit the man on the lower leg causing a puncture wound and bruising, and then ran back into the garage.

According to a police report, the victim contacted the owner of the dog and got into a heated discussion with the man about having the dog chained up. Not happy with the discussion, the victim came to the police department to file a complaint.

In his report, Riverton’s animal control officer said he observed a two inch-long wound on the man’s leg, his skin had been punctured and the area was now bruised. The officer photographed the man’s wound and then met with the owner of the dog in question. According to the police report, the dog’s owner was unhappy with the situation and the suggestion that he keep the dog controlled. Over the man’s objections, he was issued a citation for harboring a vicious and dangerous animal.

According to police records, the 37-year-old owner had been contacted twice in the past two years for having a dog at large, and he was written a citation for the same thing earlier this year after the dog had bitten another person.

Riverton’s Municipal Code provides for each incident to be treated as a misdemeanor which provides a maximum fine of $750 and maximum of 30 days in jail on each occurrence.

Since the animal is a repeat offender, other city ordinances could’ve been applied in this case, according to Captain Eric Murphy. Under section 6.08.040 of the Riverton Municipal Code dealing with the quarantine of a dangerous or vicious dog, no person shall own, keep or harbor in any premises any vicious dog without the animal being secured and muzzled. Violation of the ordinance subjects the owner to fines and the dog could be euthanized. Code 6.08.040B provides that an animal can be held in quarantine for a minimum of 10 days if it bites another person to insure that it is disease free with the cost to be borne by the owner.

In this latest case, Murphy said the dog owner will be required to appear in court and cannot simply pay the fine and walk away.




  1. Michael Smith

    Well Captain Murphy instead of "could have" "should have" enforced city ordinances and had them applied to this case. I know the police are trying to improve community relations….. But since the dog owner had been contacted twice before for having a dog at large then what the police have done in this case in reinforce unacceptable behavior. Perhaps a $750 fine and a few days in jail might wake up this obviously inconsiderate person who appears to have no respect for his neighbors or the law.

  2. Scot Spiess

    Put the owner in jail and shoot the dog.

  3. George Freeman

    hell shoot the owner the dog and the city officials involved due to the problem should have been resolved on the last attack,,,,

  4. Misty Bowlsby Swann

    Does it have to be someones child before anyone does anything about this kind of stuff!

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