Welfare Check finds Toddlers left in care of drunk man; kids were wandering neighborhood

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Police received a report at 7:33 p.m. that two small children believed to be 1 and 2 years-old respectively, were walking down the 200 block of North 10th East in dirty and soiled diapers and that no adult was around.

Responding to the welfare check, officers found an 11-year-old boy with the two small children, who had apparently gotten out of a yard that had a broken down fence and an unlatched gate. The officer confirmed that the little kids were wearing diapers that had not been changed.

The 11 year-old told officers the only adult at the home was his uncle, “who was drunk,” according to a police report. Police found another small child inside the house, also in soiled diapers and the house was reportedly in poor condition, it was hot inside and the house was not clean. The uncle, who was intoxicated according to the police report, said three adults had been at the house when he left to go drinking and when he returned, they were gone.

Officers tried to reach family members of the children, but were unable to reach anyone, so Northern Arapaho Department of Family Services was contacted to care for the children.

According to the police report, while officers were waiting for the DFS to arrive, the mother of the child came home, saying she had been alerted that law enforcement was at her home and that she should hurry back. The mother said she left the children in the care of another man, but she did not know where he went.

When a DFS representative arrived on the scene and told officers that she would take care of the situation, the children were left in her care and police departed the scene.


  1. Maria Delgado

    Just like that? wow

  2. Emilee King

    Total BS

  3. Teri Miller

    Must've been related to the worker to get off that easy

  4. Stephen Rebecca Simpson


  5. LaToya Timbana Wright

    My kids would have been taken from me if that was me! BS

  6. LaToya Timbana Wright

    They're lucky someone was nice enough to contact law enforcement. Before they were hit by a car kidnapped

  7. It sounds like kids left in DHS workers hands, am i the only one reading it that way?

  8. Mary Warren Killsontop

    Cycle is repeated .
    poor babies .

  9. Dominic Hvizdak

    Hmmm…things sure have changed there for the worse

  10. Janet Saby Richards

    I read it that the children were left with the DFS worker. It doesn't say what her decision was.

  11. Melanie Barnaby

    Terrible news! NDFS needs to get people who have a degree in social work and who actually care for these children. Also the police should not just leave it up to DFS worker on what should be done a arrest obviously should have been made.

  12. Scott Soule

    My wife has a masters degree and works for DFS (not tribal) It is NOT up to DFS on what to do it is totally up to law enforcement. That is an illusion that everyone has DFS has NO POWER to take kids its up to Law enforcement, Doctors so on.

  13. Cheryl Heckart

    Its ok all…hell no ONE is responsible! If this was me..and I have no kids..id been put in damn prison. .just saying! !

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