BREAKING: FBI seeking information in mysterious disappearance of Jared Little Whiteman

(Lander, Wyo.) – Have you seen this man? The Federal Bureau of Investigation is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of individuals responsible for the disappearance of Jared Little Whiteman.

Little Whiteman was reported missing by family members on June 11; he was reportedly last seen on June 3 on the Wind River Indian Reservation in the Arapahoe area. He is 21 years old.

The FBI Denver Division – Lander Resident Agency is working with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Wind River Police Department, and Tribal Fish & Wildlife on this investigation and has determined that Little Whiteman may have disappeared as the result of criminal activity.

Anyone having information regarding this disappearance is asked to contact the FBI Lander, Wyoming, Resident Agency at 307-335-7559 or the FBI Denver Division at 303-629-7171.

Additional information will be reported as it comes available.

Jared Little Whiteman. Photo provided by FBI.

Jared Little Whiteman. Photo provided by FBI.


  1. Kristl James

    Why do they wait so long to put this out????

  2. Valerie Groves

    Agreed should have been put up a while ago prayers for the family

  3. Minajane HowlingWolf

    Thoughts & Prayers to the family.. Lord, bring him home safe..

  4. Mary Warren Killsontop

    Family has been searching for him.
    in the mountains and along the rivers.
    sad that people can be so cruel to another person.
    lots of area to search.
    wish they would just speak up.

  5. Clementine Seminole

    Prayers going out to the family of Jared.

  6. Bri StrangeOwl

    Someone knows something…My Prayers R Wit You Auntie Joanne….

  7. Ly Ly Felicia

    It's the cartel that is taking people

  8. Sebastian Seminole

    yo i heard he dead in the river and scattered around the rez to all 4 corners of the rez

  9. Adida D. Ryan

    Wow! What is try he world coming to? Reficulous! Sad….feel bad for the kids patents…That's too young

  10. Ann Knowshisgun


  11. Mary Woods

    should have been out sooner, hes from a rese , and they don't like this kind of publicity.

  12. Wambli Win T. RedFeather

    Prayers to family friends and loved ones. Creator watch over your grandchild and help him home.

  13. Tina War Bonnett

    my son was missin 13 days in winter time they found him curled up in a big tractor tire used as a water througf no fbi was involved to find him

  14. Gina Moore

    FBI fails continuously to do anything when a Native goes missing. We have two people missing from the Yakama rez since October and yet nothing from them or the news to help family find the loved one. I pray this gentleman is found alive. And prayers to his family and friends who are suffering from not knowing.

  15. Kayla Hoffman

    It has nothing to do with his ease, where he's from, who he is, or any of the other said comments. It has everything to do with law enforcement wanting to make sure it isn't just a run away for a couple of days or putting others in danger. Sometimes things aren't released right away to the public for the safety of others. Shame on all of you for your racial comments

  16. Jean Harris

    he is my daughters cousin
    aurelia blackburn

  17. Tammy Ridgley

    I agree with you Kayla- it shouldn't be turned into a racial issue- – – lots of kids his age have tough things to deal with and sometimes "take off" to try to figure things out in their heads and in their hearts- and generally return in a couple of days. . . after that- that is when concern kicks in. I pray that this family finds their son soon and if anyone knows anything, to speak up.

  18. Angela Blackcrow Richards

    Their is website, called Black and missing Inc. They also search for all Minorities, please let the families know.

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