Announcing the new Wind River Radio Network!

(Fremont Co., Wyo) – Announcing the new Wind River Radio Network! Radio stations, KFCW 93.1 FM, (formerly KTRZ), KWYW-99.1 FM, and KDNO 101.7 FM have merged with KTAK-93.9 FM and KVOW 1450 AM to form the regions’ newest radio network.

Wyoming’s Big Country KTAK-93.9 FM will continue to provide Mainstream Country to Fremont County radio listeners. KTAK-FM also has translators at 104.1 FM in Lander and 106.3 FM in Dubois.  KVOW-1450 AM will continue to provide Talk Radio.

The new format for KFCW-93.1 FM will combine Classic Rock with a blend of Today’s Best Rock and will be known as Wind River’s Rock!  KFCW, (Fremont County Wyoming), also has a translator in Lander at 95.3 FM.

It will be All Sports, All the Time on KWYW-99.1 FM.  KWYW will be a part of the ESPN Radio Network and will feature Colorado Rockies Baseball, Denver Broncos Football, Wyoming Cowboy Football and Men’s Basketball.

KDNO-101.7 FM will feature the best classic country music from Country’s Legends.

Ray Rintamaki, Wind River Radio Network General Manager, said, “The entire staff is excited about the additional offerings and choices for local radio listeners.”  We are going to encourage folks to give us a listen by kicking things off with a $10,000 Giveaway starting in mid-July on the new stations, with cash prizes each weekday and a grand prize of $2,500 to be given away at the Fremont County Fair later this summer.”  Rintamaki added, “We’ll also be able to broadcast more area team’s sports as well as fill listeners in on events and happenings across the entire Wind River Radio Network listening area.”


  1. Kerrie Mills Metcalf

    been listening to KFCW and it ROCKS…bout time we got a real rock station!!! thanks a million!! :)

  2. Nancy Hughes Dixon

    So, will Dubois still only get the country station? or will all these stations be available?

  3. John Birbari

    Nancy, all these stations will be heard in Dubois.

  4. Karen Schroeder

    so nice to have something other than country for a change.

  5. Mitzi Hailey

    Ray Rintamaki needs to contact us at Boutique Vacations!

  6. Sandra Beydler

    Kerrie is so right! Miss us girl!

  7. John Alan Hubbard

    Hope we can someday again hear Glenn Tyler on the air as well as Steve Kehl's unforgettable commericials ("Open Labor Day and Labor Night." Thanks Kurt Browell for the new stations!

  8. John Alan Hubbard

    Joe Kenney must be peeing his pants with envy…

  9. David Manchester

    Has station management listened to the announcer on KDNO-101.7??? He is butchering the names of the classic country artists — like "Bobby Bar" …. "Merlee Haggard" …… and on and on and on. Aggravating as heck!!!

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