More than 300 attended pro-traditional marriage picnic Sunday

(Lander, Wyo.) – If the first ever Lander LGBTQ Pride Picnic was a success a couple weeks ago, so was yesterday evening’s Pro-Marriage Picnic. According to organizer Kevin Roberts, the official head count was 330.

About half way through the festivities Roberts told County10 that the turnout “exceeded expectations.” The atmosphere of the picnic late Sunday afternoon was relaxed and friendly. Roberts said he thought there were attendees from just about every church in the Lander area, and he was hearing gratefulness from those who came that he had organized the event.

A few local politicians and candidates were in attendance, including Del McOmie, Dominick Weigel and Colton Crane.

While some people ate, other tossed a frisbee around. Additionally, attendees were invited to sign a petition to protect the sanctity marriage in Wyoming. Discussion talking point sheets were also available for the those who wanted to learn more about how to discuss the matter with people who are for same-sex marriage.


  1. Marshall Gdula

    Good day!

  2. Marshall Gdula

    A picture of the back of my car made the news!

  3. Dennis Oman

    It was nice to have a way to support our beliefs regarding traditional marriage and religious liberties. Great turn out!

  4. Georgia Woolett-Roy

    Sad that Lander is still behind on such issues

  5. Di W. Morrow

    So glad the event was a success! We were not able to attend, but prayed for the picnic and hope it helped some folks get encouraged to stand up for marriage as God intended it to be and has been for thousands of years. If God's people don't stand for good and righteousness, then we are in trouble. God bless you and your family!

  6. Releasda Kraken

    what a hateful bigot you are…listen cupcake…truth is not the new hate speech…and for you to post what you did only makes you the hateful bigot

  7. Releasda Kraken

    and you know what..seeing your fb…all those embassies were on foreign embassies on foreign soil and under no control of Bush…get a clue get a grip get a life…….

  8. Georgia Woolett-Roy

    Releasda Kraken Wow, sweetie, your hate knows no bounds…you'd best get your dictionary out and look up the word "bigot" We each have opinions, I stated mine and never used one hateful word, you are very much entitled to yours but please be respectful, and also please check your facts.

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