Riverton’s Skatepark site finally determined; City Council took action Tuesday

(Riverton, Wyo.) – It’s official. Riverton’s new skatepark will be located within City Park, just north of the tennis courts and west of the playground. That decision was reached Tuesday night by the city council. Representing the Central Wyoming Skateboaring Association (CWSA), Matt Wright said a decision on a location was needed so the group could begin applying for grants.

The current site of the skatepark, in the park’s northeast corner, could become a parking lot and site for community activities, such as a farmers or flea market, once the new stakepark is built.

The most discussion on the facility occurred over a sign the CWSA asked to erect in the park with a thermometer to indicate progress in fundraising. Ultimately it was agreed to place the sign 20 feet from Federal Boulevard where the new park would be built.

Below: The sign to be placed on the site of the skatepark:




  1. Cindy Halverson

    Now if you can take your child down there without all the older kids smoking and using foul language and being bullies it might be OK but most of the times I have taken my grandson down there it has been all of the above….need some supervision of some sort….any ideas?

  2. Terri Hance

    I agree with Cindy……they need to be able to go there and feel safe….my son was attacked there by okd r kids pushed around and called names. ..all the RPD did was threaten to shut it down…..not all the older kids are bad there are just those few who ruin it for everyone. …my son is twelve and shouldn't be pushed around by 19 plus year Olds. …has to he some way to separate the big for the little or have someone there take responsibility for making it a safe and smoke free area

  3. Matt Wright

    The CWSA's sponsor sign has been updated to include AD Martin, U.S. Energy Corp, and Warrior Oil Services.

  4. Karen Johnson

    Thank you Matt for all your hard work on this project…..your doing a wonderful job and you'll meet your goals!!

  5. Larry Huelle

    Also keep in mind kids are being threatened by others not just older kids. There was a story ran about this by CWC. The kids need to be safe from everyone and the city police need to step up and do their job.

  6. Melinda Flake McLaughlin

    congrats, matt.

  7. Randy Ray

    I also agree with Cindy. I know a couple of boys that won't go there because of the bullying. This is another question of where are the cops?

  8. Matt Wright

    Thanks, but this is definitely a group effort. Chris (Melanie Harker Mcneil) McNeil has put in countless hours over the last two years, and we couldn't do it without the great kids who come to meetings and fundraisers! Still a lot more to do, but making progress. As far as the bullying, the CWSA does all we can to discourage harmful, and uninviting behavior. Come on… I think you should try the park again you guys… I rarely see the bullying to be honest. I mostly see the older kids teaching the younger ones how to ride. When new kids show up, I see them being welcomed because it's fun to skate with new people. There are always a few "bad eggs". These kids just need some direction, encouragement, and positive support. If more people/adults got involved, the skate park can almost act as its own big brother program. There aren't too many facilities that are not only coed, but co-generation. Take advantage of it. Learn to ride! Skateboarding is been around for 50 years and there are a lot of adults you still skate in this town believe it or not. Take skate lessons from CWSA :) Complaining and treating the kids like criminals only makes the problems worse.

  9. George Wright

    Matt talked to me the other day. There is an advantage to having the new skatepark in the middle of City Park and away from the parking lot area. Skaters, bikers, and scooters will take a trail (paved) to the new park. The troubling guys will stay with their buds near the cars and probably not bother to walk over to the skate park to cause trouble. I would be surprised if any trouble makers went to the new park to mistreat or do harm to the park users. If a real skater did that, I think the other boys and girls would put a stop to it. That's part of the CWSA commitment. Welcome others, be nice and help others. Also the city police will find it a lot easier to spot and correct troublemakers at the new location. This is such a good thing for the youth of our city and will be a good improvement to City Park.

  10. Matt Wright

    Terri, you've talked to me about a specific incident before. I thought it was resolved, and you are still spreading negativity. I've talked to that before named individual and heard his side of the story. Round up some support and make a change if you still feel so angry. Bring your kid into City Council and talk to Chief Broadhead. Complaining on County 10 won't do a thing. I don't think a kid should be kept from his passion to ride. If so, it's yours and his loss, and the bullies win. I don't know any 19 year olds at the skatepark who would push around a 12 year old. I mostly see respect and welcoming. Parents should go with their kids if they are too young to handle some bullying. Besides, bullying is an epidemic and is everywhere. Not just the skatepark. Things have improved over the years. Try it again sometime. Tell the guys they don't own the place. I do all the time. Spreading negativity and treating them like criminals just perpetuates the problem.

  11. Marty Beckers

    I support Matt and all the other volunteers, and especially the kids who are participating in CWSA. The more we can keep our kids busy with these sort of projects the better ! Thanks for supporting the skate park,and CONGRATS to all involved when this is completed! :)

  12. Matt Wright

    If they still want to learn to skateboard/bike, let me know. I can help arrange times to ensure good experience at the skatepark. Free lessons and "learn to skate days" as well. :)

  13. Randy Ray

    Thank you Matt. This offer means a tremendous amount to not only my 2 young friends, but to every young child out there that has experienced the bad side of visiting the skate park. I will pass this along to them. I wish you much success in your groups endeavor.

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