Several "Chinook" CH-47 helicopters landed recently at Riverton Regional Airport for refueling on a trip from Alaska to Texas. (Paul Griffin photo)

(Riverton, Wyo.) – It’s summertime and the number of general aviation and military aircraft landing and refueling at Riverton Regional Airport has been on the steady increase.

One of the recent stops involved three UH 60 Blackhawk helicopters, two large CH 47 double rotor helicopters and a privately owned former military jet. Airport Manger Paul Griffin said the CH 47’s were en route fromĀ Alaska to Texas and stopped here to refuel. “It’s amazingĀ to see those big helicopters at our airport,” he said.

See the chart below noting the general aviation activity at the airport through the end of May.

"Chinook" CH-47 Helicopter & Airport Fire Truck (Paul Griffin photo)

“Chinook” CH-47 Helicopter & Airport Fire Truck (Paul Griffin photo)

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