U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of Hobby Lobby regarding contraception coverage; Local catholic college encouraged

(Washington, D.C.) – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that some corporations cannot be required to provide contraception coverage for their employees. According to national news reports, the Supreme Court was divided 5-4 on the issue, which was brought forward by Hobby Lobby Stores.

Under the Affordable Care Act, Hobby Lobby was required to provide contraception coverage in its health insurance offering to female employees at no extra cost. Today’s ruling states that the federal government failed to show the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act is the “least restrictive mean of advancing its interest” in providing no-cost birth control to women.

Wyoming Catholic College President Dr. Kevin Roberts weighed in on the issue saying the decision, “trimmed the sails of an overreaching federal government. Our very first freedom is the freedom to worship and believe as we choose, so it is gratifying to see the Supreme Court protect the conscience rights of Americans, including private business owners.”

WCC is currently involved in a lawsuit on the issue, but because this ruling covered only closely held corporations and not non-profit organizations, there is no direct affect on that lawsuit. WCC has been granted a temporary exemption because its insurance provider was granted an injunction by the U.S. District Court in Denver. WCC is also a plaintiff in the Catholic Diocese of Cheyenne’s lawsuit.

Republican U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming also issued a brief statement on the matter. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of religious liberty today,” he said. “The federal government should not have the ability to force people to pay for contraception. I am pleased the court affirmed that Americans have that right to make their own decision on this issue.”


  1. Randy Ray

    What is ironic is that most of the products HL sells is made in China, which is a pro abortion country. Double standards?????

  2. P.h. Schroeder

    And HL invests in the pharmaceutical companies that make these drugs. But even more ironic the insurance companies can still pay for Viagra.

  3. Liz Shield

    The Catholic church is a cult. It is time to tax the churches. This makes me sick.

  4. Randy Ray

    I don't know if I would go as far as saying the catholic church was a cult but for taxing the churches, absolutely. Too many have turned religion into a money making enterprise. For example, Olsteen's mega church. A recent theft form his office of 600,000 dollars. It was reported that money was from collection plates that weekend!!
    I am not a religious freak but I do believe. One of my most favorite quotes from the bible is, " a rich man has as much chance getting into heaven as a camel through the eye of a needle."

  5. Stacia Corbett Citron

    Your ignorant comments about the Catholic Church notwithstanding, it's not an issue about religion. Every American, no matter their beliefs, should be concerned with such a blatant attack on any freedom by our own government. What will they try to force on us next? And I really don't see what it has to do with taxes.

  6. Randy Ray

    Stacia Corbett Citron If you understand what you read you will see this is NOT the government attacking us, it is a minority( conservative judges, corporations) that are telling us how to live and trying to control our bodies. The reason churches should be taxed are the churches have become too big for their own good, because of money. So many people read the bible but do not understand what they read. The bible plainly states your body is a temple of worship. You do not need to go to a church to be a Christian. It also tells you money is the root of all evil. Money brings power, power brings the greed for more, greed brings corruption.

  7. Stacia Corbett Citron

    What if someone wanted to have a baby but couldn't afford it because most insurance companies don't provide coverage? Shouldn't they be forced to provide maternity too? Isn't that telling someone what to do with their body? Seems pretty one sided. I comprehend the whole taxing the church argument, I'm saying it has nothing to do with this subject. I don't see how refusing to pay for something they don't believe in has anything to do with greed. They're not refusing to provide insurance in general, just standing on principle. That should be admired no matter what the issue is. No one should be forced to do anything they feel is wrong by anyone. And let's not assume I don't understand what I read and need your guidance. I don't need a lesson on religion, I am commenting on the issue itself. You are way off subject.

  8. Andy Jive

    Congratulation Hobby Lobby on a successful win in your complaint before the US Supreme Court. Looks like the Liberties of all Americans scored big on this one.

  9. Randy Ray

    This whole fiasco opens the doors for corporations to lie or use religion as a scapegoat to not have to provide insurance for employees. Granted there will be honest ones, but there will far more dishonest companies than not. If you don't believe this, apparently you have not been in the workforce long enough.
    Answer this question, like I said in my original post, is it right that HL supports a pro abortion country but tells it's employees it will not provide insurance for contraception?

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