1. Melissa Kiergaard Smith

    Another pic from the storm

  2. Sheila West

    ?WOW! So that's what shredded my lettuce and diced up my little pepper plants? This is an incredible picture of it.

  3. Roland Cox

    One can never overestimate nature's power and also one should never underestimate nature's fury. Simply gaze in awe and (don't hate) just appreciate.

  4. Trevor Hyatt

    I want that picture framed and in my house!

  5. Amy Miller

    That is absolutely gorgeous!!

  6. Nora Chetterbock

    Wow! What a pic! Very impressive photography! That's for sharing!

  7. Kristy Brown- Cardinal

    WOW….BEAUTIFUL David….

  8. Christa Christian


  9. Debbie Dalley McClure

    Looks like something from National Geographic! Well done!

  10. Penny Penfield


  11. Rhonda Shipman Heil

    we were under this storm over Riverton, WY, this shot was taken from Lander, WY.

  12. David Englert

    Hey All, I have a 18" x 12" picture on 1/8" foam board and a 18" x 12" picture on metal if your interested message me on facebook.
    Thank You!

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