Radiation treatment for cancer patients now available in Fremont County

(Lander, Wyo.) – Fremont County residents battling cancer might not need to travel to Casper for radiation treatment any longer. Rocky Mountain Oncology Center has officially begun to treat patients in its new radiation wing in Lander.

Construction of the approximately $2-million, 10,033-square-foot facility began in late August 2013. The construction was led by James L. Davis Inc. of Florida, reportedly one of the country’s leading contractors certified to construct radiation vaults.

“We are pleased to offer our patients radiation oncology services,” said Dr. Robert Tobin, radiation oncologist at RMOC, in a news release. “RMOC has been providing medical oncology (chemotherapy) services in Fremont County for over 15 years. The new wing enables us to further devote our efforts to the people of Fremont County and provide the quality and expert care for which our team is known.”

RMOC’s multidisciplinary team consists of board-certified radiation oncologists, oncology nurses, radiation therapists, dosimetrists and physicists. Specially trained administrators, social workers, nutritionists and medical assistants also serve patients. The facility is located on Shrine Club Road.

An open house for the public to view the facility will be scheduled for later this summer.

Photo provided by RMOC.

Photo provided by RMOC.

Photo provided by RMOC

Photo provided by RMOC


  1. Teffany Fegler

    There is such a huge need for this in Fremont County. Rocky Mtn Oncology was amazing when my mother had her radiation treatments in Casper but the time lost with the drive is horrible. So glad they are bringing it to the patients now! Will lessen the burden on the patient and their family! Thank you!!!

  2. Paula McCormick

    Thank you, thank you , thank you!

  3. John Brown

    This is wonderful news!

  4. John Brown

    One question though. Is the beam used proton or photon-based?

  5. Sharon Anderson

    Having personally used the bus service to Casper for many weeks, it was a wonderful service and now to have the treatments available in Lander is even more wonderful. Thank you.

  6. John Brown

    Ok, just saw on K2 news that it's photon-based and that it's just the sixth one in the state.

  7. Walter W. Olson

    Naw, John. It is a linear accelerator and accelerates patients with three 1MV. beams to where the tumor teleports to Xenu. See

  8. Walter W. Olson

    and my previous comment above. Xenu is getting sick and tired of the teleportation.

  9. Todd Titus

    What a tremendous asset for the community.

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