Riverton water restrictions scheduled Thursday; Mosquito spraying to begin

Riverton City Seal-full color  hi res(Riverton, Wyo.) – The City of Riverton is asking all city residents to please restrict irrigation and other nonessential water usage from 8 a.m. Thursday, June 26th through 8 a.m. Friday, June 27th as the City will be carrying out a tie-in at the water treatment plant. The City of Riverton appreciates your cooperation.  


Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 8.41.30 AM


  1. Paul Branham

    Why irrigation water? Also, you do realize, you are asking residents west of Hill St. to have no water on Wednesday, then limited water the next day…

  2. Richard Welch

    About time to spray for mosquitoes

  3. Karen Schroeder

    Why not teach folks to empty containers and tree stumps of standing water…and or put a drop of dish detergent or sand in those places that have standing water to prevent mosquito's…the spraying causes those of us suffering from asthma serious trouble. Besides…let's spend that money elsewhere.

  4. Cody Beers

    We'll survive….at the most, 2 days.

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