EMS budget on tomorrow’s Fremont County Commission agenda

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Fremont County Ambulance budget will be up for review a second time during tomorrow’s Fremont County Commission meeting.

Last week, the commission ordered Ambulance Director Joe Zillmer to balance his budget so that it was not reliant on the county’s general fund. Zillmer spoke to County10 on Friday about what he has to cut to get to that point.

Additionally, the commission will work on a number of other budget issues throughout the day. The meeting starts at 9 a.m. in the commission’s chamber at the Fremont County Courthouse in Lander. See the complete tentative agenda below.

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  1. David Anderson

    I am completely baffled. If you use county tax revenue to run the EMS how can you exclude part of the county from services. Maybe the commission should give us back our share of the tax money attributed to EMS?

  2. Michael Smith

    David the problem lies in the fact that for years and years the EMS has been self sufficient and NEVER EVER taking money from the county's general fund. It has been a separate entity that in order to get grants and other funding has had to be under the direction of the County Commissioners even though they have not taken money from the County. Enter the affordable care act and now health providing agencies like the EMS must meet more Federal Standards and to do so to more training and equipment is needed ergo more money so the EMS has requested to take money from their (the EMS) reserves not the County's money but the Commissioners in their "Micro Managing" of the EMS to whom they have not given money……
    Well to make a long story short you have 5 uninformed, unknowledgeable, narrow minded Commissioners who are willing to spend millions and millions of dollars on court houses and other frivolous projects effectively hamstringing one of the best live saving EMS agencies in the state. Translation this is what coming soon to the residents of Fremont County. Coming soon to an area near you is the sad fact that a crash victim, a person suffering a heart attack or a patient suffering any other life threatening or debilitating injury may not get the necessary care to insure they life or nave a better quality of life because the “Gang of Five” Fremont County Commissioners have no concept of just what necessary services the EMS provides.
    Me thinks in my humble opinion that Travis, Keja, Stephanie, Doug and Allen still view the EMS as “ambulance drivers who put you on a stretcher and take you to a place where others will make you well. If you ever attend a commissioners meeting find out how many have requested and actually ridden with one of our EMS crews for one shift just see what goes on in the back of an ambulance. It ain’t putting on band aids and singing happy songs it is real medicine and real treatment that saves lives.

  3. Randy Ray

    Don't forget either Mike that the commissioners voted themselves raises too.

  4. Tami Hansen

    I agree David. I think we should be able to keep the sales/lodging/real estate taxes generated in the Dubois area if we are going to be excluded by the commission.

  5. Dan Oakley

    Not arguing or disagreeing with your post. However, to say the the EMS has "NEVER EVER" taken money from the general fund is incorrect. Prior to 1998 – 1999 the Ambulance service did use general fund monies regularly because of poor budgeting and overspending.

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