Poker ride held in Pavillion Saturday to benefit teen battling seizure disorder

Kaiden Burk

Kaiden Burk

(Pavillion, Wyo.) – A poker ride left Pavillion Saturday morning to benefit Kaiden Burk, 14, who was stricken in school three years with seizures. For the past two years, medication has controlled the seizures, but the meds have now become ineffective and Burk is facing brain surgery to hopefully correct the problem, sponsors of the ride said. The surgery will be held at Denver Children’s Hospital and the Poker Ride was set to help raise funds to help cover those costs.

“We’re a small community out here and we’re all pitching in to help out,” said one patron at the rides starting point, Possum Pete’s. Several other events are scheduled to help Burk, including a horse shoe tournament in Pavillion on June 28th and an auction that day at the Wind River Recreation Center. A raffle is also being held.

Given the turnout this morning with over 50 folks on horseback riding a nine-mile-long course and one fellow on a mule, the benefit began well.

Photos by Ernie Over. Click to enlarge:


  1. P.h. Schroeder

    It's a MULE not a donkey.

  2. Nancy Mahan

    Another reason I love living in wy.

  3. Thank you All for what you guys are doing for my nephew.. God Bless you All

  4. Arletta Burk

    Thank you to everyone. It was a wonderful ride.

  5. Linda Strock

    glad everyone had fun I would like a picture of cole and my gray horse but don't know how to get it off the web site

  6. Tom Dickinson

    it was a great ride had fun and that is a mule not a donkey

  7. James Carter

    Where you at, Cork? Can't see no mule. Blue shirt?

  8. Tom Dickinson

    pics at bottom

  9. James Carter

    Okay. See ya' now. Hey! That's a fine lookin' DONKEY!! Bahahhahaha! :)

  10. Tom Dickinson

    thanks erine he is thin skinned haha

  11. Ernie Over

    Yes, you are correct. Thanks for the catch.

  12. Kelly Hansen Cole

    Very disappointed we couldn't make it! Glad you had a great turn out!!

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