Supercharged Ford Mustang catches fire outside of Lander

(Lander, Wyo.) – Lander Rural Firefighters late this afternoon responded to a car fire on Red Canyon Road. A red supercharged Ford Mustang GT driven by Murray Ritland caught fire as it was headed into the country.

Ritland said he was just driving along when he heard a sound come from the engine compartment followed by smoke. Eventually the fire was doused by coolant in the car. Firefighters are still investigating the cause. Ritland had recently purchased the vehicle, and was disappointed to see it damaged.

DSCN9393 DSCN9390


  1. Ehren Metcalf

    Can anyone proof read these days?

  2. Liz Shield

    don't you guys proofread this stuff?

  3. Robert M Peterson

    A fort afire in Wyoming

  4. Donna Miller Connell


  5. John A. Lichty

    Donna, maybe it's a conspiracy to keep people from say "FoundOnRoadDead".

  6. Tony Huemer

    If my Nissan Xterra caught fire would the article read 'Supercharged Nissan Xterra Catches Fire'?

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