Photos of the Day: Blue Ridge above Lander

(Lander, Wyo.) – There’s an interesting story that goes along with today’s Photo of the Day. Two photos, in fact. Tisha Goheen sent a note to about the photos she is sharing that were taken by Mike Gualdoni. It seems that Gualdoni was “a random stranger hiking with us, and captured amazing pictures of our little family that would have been moments faded had he not captured them.  He then asked for my email to share with us. He showed a random act of kindness, and I would like to share these to show my appreciation to this random man,” she wrote. Gualdoni agreed to allow the photos to be used on, so all of our readers can enjoy them. Thanks Tisha and Thanks Mike! Way to Pay it Forward.

Looking out from Blue Ridge above Lander. Mike Gauldoni photo.

Looking out from Blue Ridge above Lander. Mike Gualdoni photo.






  1. Terry Cook Tuttle

    WOW Beautiful pictures Thanks Tisha and Mike,

  2. Edward Lee

    Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Colt Beddoes

    Great pics thanks for sharing – a little info about the first pic of rock stairs, this was a look out tower to spot forest fires.

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