Distracted driving reportedly leads to Burma Road crash Tuesday evening

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A 28-year-old Pavillion man struck a concrete pillar and fence near the intersection of Burma Road and Highway 134 last night. The man was operating a 2003 Dodge Sedan north on Burma Road with his four year old daughter. The man’s daughter was the sole passenger, she was properly restrained.

The man indicated he became distracted when his cell phone began to ring and he lost focus with the roadway. The vehicle veered off the opposite shoulder of the road striking the pillar and fence.

The young girl was taken to Sage West Riverton via ground ambulance for evaluation of non life threatening injuries; the driver did not require medical treatment. The complete investigation into the incident is still under investigation; alcohol was not a factor.

–Provided by Fremont County Undersheriff Ryan Lee


  1. Lola Templin

    When you are driving you should not be answering you fell phone when you have young children in car

  2. David Weber

    Name one person who hasn't answered there phone!!! Accidents happen just happy no one was hurt…. Stop being a bigot

  3. Shawna Crispin

    You can say that all day, don't answe your phones. Yeah right, judgmental ppl really suck. At least him and his daughter are ok!!!!

  4. Tahna Bourne

    Who doesn't answer the phone.

  5. Joy Ann Cadwallader-Tutor

    First… who said he answered it.. the report says he got distracted when it "began to ring". Maybe the ringer was anoying or the baby was sleeping and he didnt want it to wake her.. either way. people get distracted by many things. At least they are both ok, thats all that really matters!!

  6. Kerry Iva Whiteplume

    Thank goodness the child was properly restrained and everyone is ok.

  7. Dave Gray

    I don't.

  8. Bob Haywood

    being a bigot? judgmental? good grief, there's no hate, just folks saying that they don't answer their phone when driving . . . I don't either, I let it go to voice mail and when I stop somewhere I check out who called, it's too often a survey or spam call.

    I'm glad they are both okay, accidents do happen.

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