Major Avenue, West Main traffic signal on state plan for 2020; Local projects listed

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Over the next four years, more than $84 million in highway and bridge projects are scheduled in Fremont County, according to the Wyoming Department of Transportation.
The figures were shared with Fremont County city and county government officials and citizens June 5 as part of WYDOT’s annual State Transportation Improvement Program public meetings. This year’s meeting was held at Riverton City Hall.
All costs are estimated at the time of the improvements.
Some projects scheduled in this fiscal year (2014) include:
– Wyoming 132, structure replacements on Mill Creek and Coolidge Canal between Ethete and U.S. 287 ($1.75 million);
– Wyoming 132, a pavement improvement project between Ethete and Kinnear ($1.42 million);
– U.S. 26 and U.S. 287 intersection, reconstruction of 2.41 miles ($4.6 million);
– U.S. 20, pavement rehabilitation inside the Wind River Canyon tunnels ($500,000);
– Wyoming 28, pavement overlay between Farson and South Pass ($4.3 million);
– Wyoming 789, reconstruction of South Federal/Monroe Avenue intersection and street ($3.18 million);
– Wyoming 132, pathway ($48,000);
– Eight Mile Road pavement overlay (Industrial Road Program funding) ($2.2 million).
Projects currently scheduled in fiscal year 2015:
– Wyoming 28 pavement overlay above Red Canyon, south of Lander ($2.7 million);
– U.S. 287/Wyoming 789 Beaver Creek West Section 2, widening and isolated reconstruction, ($5.5 million);
– Wyoming 789, Riverton South Section, widening and resurfacing of the highway and bridge south of Riverton ($12.34 million);
– U.S. 26/287 landslide mitigation west of Dubois ($1.8 million).
Projects currently scheduled in fiscal year 2016:
– U.S. 26/287, Diversion Dam junction pavement rehabilitation, $5.2 million;
– U.S. 26/287, Rights-of-way fencing ($302,000);
– U.S. 20/26, Casper-Moneta pavement work ($1.12 million).
Projects currently scheduled in 2017:
– Wyoming 132, Ethete South reconstruction ($13.5 million);
– Wyoming 136, Gas Hills Road pavement rehabilitation ($5.18 million);
– Wyoming 789, Riverton North Federal Boulevard reconstruction ($10.57 million);
– Wyoming 789, Muddy Gap-Lander pavement rehabilitation ($3.35 million);
– Wyoming 789, Riverton North Federal sanitary sewer and water installation ($596,000);
– Wyoming 132, Ethete South Enhancement pathway ($644,000).
Projects currently scheduled in 2019:
– Wyoming 135, Sand Draw/Beaver Rim widening, pavement overlay and slide mitigation ($6.6 million);
– Wyoming 136, Gas Hills Road pavement rehabilitation ($2.99 million);
– Wyoming 28, Farson-Lander installation of additional signs and chain-up areas ($350,000);
– U.S. 26, Riverton Streets concrete pavement rehabilitation ($528,000).
A pavement rehabilitation project is currently planned for fiscal year 2020 on Wyoming 789 between Hudson and Riverton; the project would rehabilitate pavement and would add passing lanes to the highway ($6 million). Another 2020 project scheduled would install a traffic signal and rebuild the intersection at Major and West Main in Riverton, and a $4.5 million slope stabilization/rock fall mitigation project is also planned in Wind River Canyon. Passing lanes are also scheduled for installation between Shoshoni and Waltman on U.S. 20 in fiscal years 2021 and 2022 at an estimeated cost of $5 million per year.
–The Wyoming Department of Transportation is a Community Partner


  1. Larry Huelle

    Just adding passing lanes between Shoshoni and Waltman is a waste of my money. This road needs to be 4 lane between Shoshoni and Casper and it should be a priority. You think its congested now wait till Encana drills their 4200 wells if it ever goes.

  2. Michael Eggers

    wint happen the state tried this in 03 when they tore up the road for a year between moneta and waltman! they put the two lanes right back in. traveled that road to work for 8 years. still traveling that road to casper. and points on east! tell pirate to set up a office in casper and you move to casper thats the only real cure! I doubt with the state still trying to negoate right aways and a tight highway budget we will ever see four lanes to casper!

  3. Larry Huelle

    Sorry to disagree with you Mike. However, The fence lines where moved over most of this streach many years ago and right aways already secured for adding 2 more lanes. It was on a list with several other roads in WY to make into 4 lane highways. I dont rember all of them as our state has put them off. Gillette to Wright, Laramie to CO border, Powel to Cody where all on that list as well several years ago. You are right though about never seeing it in our lifetime. No plans on moving to Casper. Work there yes. Live there no.

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