12-year-old Oregon girl dies in crash near Evanston

(Evanston, Wyo.) – A 12-year-old Oregon girl was killed in a one vehicle car crash on Interstate 80 about 9 miles east of Lyman on June 12. The Wyoming Highway Patrol reports that around 12:25 pm Thursday Luvenia Santana of Salem, Oregon, died when the 2005 Buick Rendevous in which she was a passenger rolled 3.5 times after the driver, 35-year-old Corrine Santana lost control of the vehicle.

Troopers report the driver was distracted by activity in the vehicle and took her eyes off the road long enough for the vehicle to drift off the roadway at which time the driver overcorrected the vehicle causing it to trip and roll. 12-year-old Luvenia was wearing a seat belt improperly with the shoulder portion of the belt behind her back. She was partially ejected during the rollover. The driver and two other juvenile passengers were properly belted and received only minor injuries.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol reminds motorists that an improperly worn seat belt does not provide sufficient protection and in fact at times contributes to significant injury.

–Provided by the Wyoming Highway Patrol


  1. Terry Andersen

    Very sad may the lord comfort the family and may we all take a minute to give thanks for the loved ones we have. Buckle up please

  2. Cheryl Heckart

    Oh no!

  3. Jason Jenny Hawkins

    Rip luv! You are missed!

  4. Linda Kay Carlson Remer

    Very sad sorry for your lost and that is why is so important for children to buckled up properly in the car. RIP in peace little one and to young to die.

  5. Elsa Martinez

    Luv baby girl we will miss you. Alyssa can see you again and won't be alone up in heaven. We love you and pray for your family.

  6. Brianna Marie Danielson

    Love you babygirl forever…. cant sleep thinking about you. See you again!!!

  7. Melody Jahrig

    Taken to young… Rest in peace baby girl. I am so sorry. My condolences go out to the family and loved ones.

  8. Cindi Nonya

    TY all for your wonderful comments. I am one of Luv's aunts. She was a girl who could light up a room. I could be having a terrible day and she would walk up and give me her special smile and I just couldn't be sad anymore.

    I wish I could get one of those smiles right now. Luv was taken way to early. But God must have needed another angel up in heaven so he decided to call her home.

  9. Dawn Favela

    So, so very sorry, this is why I tell Nessa about her car seat being on properly. they say only 10% of the people wear there seat belt properly. I learned this after getting a seat belt ticket and taking a class.

  10. Samantha Krulicki

    Very said peace for,the family pls,always make,sure,it,kids are,correctly buckled,she was,taken,to young

  11. Melissa Fabrizius-Gold

    Or it could have been due to the semi tires all over the road that the HWY patrol don't know how to pick up to keep the roads safer. I was almost in that same situation on Monday the 10th just outside of Evanston. Those HP's are a joke.

  12. Dylan Frank

    Rip luv we will all miss u

  13. Cheryl A Tyson

    RIP Luv.

  14. Syreeta Gaston

    There's no words to adequately express my sympathy. Please know the CCES family are praying for the Santana family.

  15. Cyra Berry

    This is her sister cyra it wasn't due to anything g els but the over correction my mom am which then the brakes locked up and we flipped 3.5 times and it was at 1 not at 1245 or whatever they said if the reporters want to put a story out there to the world make sure u get it right expecialy if your trying to warn others !! And thank u all for your prayers it means a lot to our family and loved ones and we will always hold her in our hearts but on another note can everyone please stop posting so much about her on fb I know u his care and want to show that but it's making it really hard on the family to get ver this terrible tragedy I'm sorry if it bothers anyone but please stop poating all this stuff it's just making stuff more hard for us all

  16. Cyra Berry

    Thank you ❤️

  17. Phylicia Miner

    RIP sweet girl

  18. Sonia Brown

    Praying for the family. Luv was a beautiful and sweet girl. I loved her smile when she came into the office.

  19. Haley Dubinski

    I am so srry and we will all miss u I wish u were still here

  20. Asyra Melendez

    Luv you were a best friend and I miss you so much you are a angle to my life I love and miss you soo much r.i.p

  21. Kelsi Woodfin

    R.I.P luv you were an awesome friend

  22. Santana Manuel

    I JUST FOUND OUT THE BAD NEWS. Less than 3months ago she sent me an invite to face. Since had no idea who she was I asked Sophia Santana and she told me that was Troy s daughter.. Im with you. Hope you find peace in your heart.. GOD BLESS HER…… REST IN PEACE. IN memory of Luvenia

  23. Anjelina Lopez-Turrey

    We miss u so much

  24. Diego Romero

    she was toooo young… we will miss her everyday
    we wake up

  25. Nerrie Tucker

    Im very sorry I will miss u very much I just hope that your in heaven peacefully with your ancestors and may they R.I.P. to

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