LPD to give out ‘tickets’ to youth riding bikes or skateboards wearing helmets

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Lander Police Department is excited to announce a new safety campaign this summer. Starting today LPD Officers will be on a mission to issue as many “tickets” as possible to anyone 15 years of age or under who is riding a bicycle or skateboard and are wearing a helmet. The “ticket” will be good for one free ice cream cone or soft drink.

The Lander Police Department would like to thank the following local businesses for participating in this campaign and providing a free ice cream cone or soft drink: Ken & Betty’s Main Street Ice Cream, TCBY – One Stop Market, Dairy Land Drive-In, The Pit Stop in Lander, and McDonald’s.

Also as part of this mission officers will be providing children with helmets if they do not own one. Officers will assist the riders in making sure their helmet fits properly. Any child who does not own a helmet can come to the Lander Police Department to receive a brand new helmet.

Lander Police Officers will also be patrolling the Lander Skate Park and the new Dirt Bike Park to encourage kids to wear their helmets. Several officers will be patrolling the streets and parks this summer on bicycles. Officers will be educating bicyclists on the rules of the road.

It is important to follow the traffic laws, even on a bicycle, skateboard, or scooter. We look forward to seeing everyone out there this summer earning their free ice cream or soft drink by protecting their heads with a helmet.

–Provided by Lander Police Department


  1. Cordelle Anthony Slinkard

    This is a good campaign! I wish I still lived in Wyoming! Too bad Riverton can't do this! I used to be an explorer at RPD and I think this would be cool for the Explorers/and police officers to do in Riverton. So LPD pass this on to RPD and try to get them started on this campaign! GOOD WORK GUYS and GALS of LPD

  2. Paula Shankle

    Good Campaign. Congratulations LOS on your effort and thank you to the businesses that are supporting you in your campaign.

  3. Candice Gronberg

    Excellent! positive reinforcement works well, fantastic opportunity to build repor and teach safety.

  4. Tylr Ryan

    That is cool I wish riverton pd would do something like that with the youth

  5. Grady Profane

    The editing is TERRIBLE at County10.com. ". . . to anyone under 15 years of age who is . . . and are . . . " Really???? They're not even trying.

  6. Noel Johnson

    This is wonderful, not only will it encourage children to wear their helmets but it will help children to see that the police are the good guys not just people who punish you. Great idea!

  7. They should do this every where.

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