Five charged after Lander Police allegedly locate drug activity at home with young children

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Lander Police Department last night arrested four individuals, and cited a fifth, in connection to the alleged discovery of drug activity at a home with a number of young children.

LPD issued a statement about the incident, but declined to release any names due to an on-going investigation. The names that follow were obtained at the suspects’ initial appearances in Lander’s Ninth District Circuit Court this morning: Derek Chavez, 31, of Riverton, Fremont County Warrant and Child Endangering; Robert Moore, 37, of Lander, Possession of Marijuana and Child Endangering; Bruce Gearin, 54, Lander, Possession of Marijuana; and Mary Moore, 25, Lander, felony Possession of Methamphetamine and Possession of a Controlled Substance. A fifth person, a 27-year-old Riverton woman was also cited for child endangering. Mary Moore and Robert Moore are reportedly siblings.

Last night at approximately 10:15 p.m. an officer with the Lander Police Department was on routine patrol when he observed a 17-year-old juvenile male walking in the 1200 block of Main Street not wearing any shoes and limping,” states the LPD release. “The officer stopped to speak with the juvenile, and the juvenile advised he had walked approximately 5 miles with no shoes on.”

Efforts to contact the boy’s parents were reportedly unsuccessful, and the officer gave the boy a ride to a home in the area of the 900 block of Washakie Street.

When dropping the juvenile off, the officer wanted to make contact with the father, which when the door to the residence was opened a strong odor of marijuana was present,” the LPD statement continues. “When the officer confronted the father about the strong odor, the father admitted to smoking marijuana in the residence along with several other subjects in the residence. At that time, the officer noticed three other adults in the residence along with four juvenile children ranging in age from 2 years old to 10 years old.”

It was noted by Mary Moore in this morning’s court hearing that she was not in the room where people were smoking, and that she lived above the others. Judge Robert Denhardt advised her to remain silent.

Mary Moore’s bond was set at $10,000 cash because of the felony amount of methamphetamine she was alleged to have in her possession. LPD reports that 4.5 grams were located; the felony amount is 3 grams.

The other individuals’ bonds were set in the $250 to $500 range as they were all misdemeanors.

Denhardt made a brief statement about the case, saying that anyone who has small children and uses drugs doesn’t care about their children.

Additional information will be reported as it comes available.


  1. Sara Dockham

    That is not good at all

  2. Emilee King

    Lock them up! Get these drugs outta here! Poor children won't stand a chance if this is their influence!

  3. Linda Kay Carlson Remer

    Thats right people who uses drugs don't care about their children. Using drugs in front of your children is not good cause when they get older they will think it is ok do them.

  4. Josh Moore

    First thing I want to make clear is my 2 year old nephew was with me at my house, there is one lie and i have proof, second thing my sister Mary had pills not meth they need to get there facts strait.

  5. Keith Goodenough

    but don't forget the many acts of violence committed in front of children…who then think that violence is 'normal'.

  6. Tara Stoeger LaTray

    Whatever josh,.they where all in trouble in school..lived with kicked out and have just gotten worse and worse.. Let's not forget they just robbed the msverik about a year ago..take the kids. And send all their asses to prison..they've done jail time to no avail…

  7. Tara Stoeger LaTray

    Method..pills…all illegal.. Right?

  8. Josh Moore

    if you consider ibprofin 800mg

  9. Ashia Schimmel

    If she didn't have have meth then her bond would be lower.. Ding dong pills or meth is bad n no kids should EVER be around it shame on there so called parents.. Lock em up..

  10. Ashia Schimmel

    They know there facts.. Dumb people trying to get away with doing stupid shit.. They should get real jobs!!! Or have kids no were around

  11. Michelle Gordon

    They aren't going to throw someone in jail with a $10,000 over ibuprofen. Lander police have their down falls, but nobody is that dumb. Ibuprofen is marked and if they didn't know what is was, they would have sent it to labs. Meth and Ibuprofen are clearly 2 different things. So the story seems pretty legit, unless they got her bail wrong to?

  12. Kendra Smith

    I am in agreement with the next to last sentence!!!

  13. Amber Wyrick

    I think its funny how you all talk shit on people on here when you yourselves are not innocent! Ashia schimmel you have no right to say anything about anyone's parenting! And yes prescription pills are a felony if you dont have a script for them and guess what ding dong ibuprofen 800 you need a script for! And to all others that drink alcohol with there children in the house weed is alot safer and people that are stoned have better judgement then someone with a buzz or drunk! And the people that report county 10 are human they do mess up there was no meth! And they smoked the weed in a different room not around the children think about yourself drinking beer/wine/wiskey around your children this state has a bigger alcohol problem then anything else especially with minors! So before you comment being ignorant to what the facts of usage and the actual charges remember only god can judge! Your not perfect!

  14. Amber Wyrick

    Cuz your an awsome parent right haha not weed is better then drunk driving with kids in the car so shut your mouth your no one to judge anyone keep talking about my sister when she cant defend herself she will when she gets out!

  15. Amber Wyrick

    County 10 got it wrong like they sometimes do and prescription pills are a felony learn your facts thats why bond is that high you need a script for 800mg ibuprofen!

  16. Michelle Gordon

    I know my facts and I've never heard of someone going out on such a large bond for having possession of prescriptions unless they are stronger like hydros. She has either gotten in trouble before or there's more to the story. I know my facts and I didn't know she didn't have a script for the pills that she had in her possession. So instead of attacking other people, tell county 10 because this is just a story we are reading and since Riverton has been having meth busts, it's not totally unbelievable. I'm not talking shit or judging, I just thought it sounded unrealistic that someone would go to jail for ibuprofen. Getting mad at everyone else isn't going to fix the story, call county 10.

  17. Dixie Matlack

    Bennett will let everyone off with probation. It's his thing.

  18. Cody Barnes

    Right! He just loves the plea bargins

  19. Shelly Humphrey

    Weed is better than drunk driving? Are you assuming everyone does one or the other? Sad.

  20. Isaac Hall

    Drinking in front of kids is also using a drug in front of kids. Clearly our system of education and prevention needs an overhaul.

  21. Lisa Johnson

    I like how the douche bag dad tries to defend what he did. Lmao

  22. Tara Stoeger LaTray

    Facts are facts and it is that all the Moore family has been and continues to get in trouble with the law..from pills..method..robbery.arson…..someone needs to do time

  23. Chrissy LeBeau

    And we all know Amber Wyrick is an upstanding enough mother in her own right to be commenting on this at all, right Amber. The system is so messed up that your situation is overlooked every time! oh and just so everyone is clear,
    Amber is the mother of my two nephews so im not judging im stating the facts. Save it,,,, nobody is listening anymore.

  24. Noel Johnson

    4 grams of ibuprofen, interesting.

  25. Brianda Kune

    Cause we all know your the perfect mom Amber. Surprised you weren't envolved

  26. Carrie Moore

    Not all of us are law breakers….Or anything like that.

  27. Bud Evans

    you cant be talking Tara your family is all meth heads

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