Chihuahua chases, wrecks Harley-Davidson motorcycle in Riverton

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The Riverton police were called Monday morning at 10:30 a.m. to an address on Blackfoot Avenue where a man reported that a chihuahua dog chased him on his Harley Davidson motorcycle, causing it to crash.

The man told officers he was driving eastbound on Blackfoot when the chihuahua ran at him and attempted to bite the front tire. He said he slammed on the brakes and the motorcycle tipped over, causing about $600 damage to the motorcycle. He said the dog ran off.

Police found the owner of the dog who said his little pooch did get out of his yard. The dog owner was cited for having a dog at large.

The 45-year-old driver of the Harley was not injured.

A witness to the event suggested the motorcyclist might have been speeding, a report indicated. Police made a report of the incident and no other action was taken.




  1. Katherine Coile Bogart

    Giggle. ?..

  2. Chad Powell


  3. Denise Caskey

    Glad nobody including the dog was hurt because now i can LOL. BAHAHAHAHA

  4. Cindy Halverson

    What a little badass….lol

  5. Francine R Conte

    Buahahahaha. They are good watch dogs, too!

  6. Lori Robinson Davis

    What an idiot! Watch out for squirrels too!!!

  7. Phil Riddle

    Ah! Chihuahua!

  8. Kim Platt

    Chihuahuas can be dangerous little buggers too!

  9. Sheila Haukaas

    Watch yo dogs

  10. Curt Gutierrez

    I believe it!

  11. Shylah Jacobson

    hahaha, looks just like my dog! wasnt her tho! lol

  12. Charles Bookmiller

    Sounds like the Harley Rider needs some lessons on cycle control !

  13. Darlene Mitchell

    wow…now that's just crazy

  14. Cindy Tarver

    Glad noone was hurt!!! But yes i can see s Chihuahua trying to fight a tire. Lol!!

  15. Michelle Bertran

    Lol this guy lives down the road from my sister….

  16. She Wolf Lewison

    That was where I live but I know it was not my chihuahua cause she can't get out of her fence. The biker should have just continued on regauardless of the dog.

  17. Sheila Johnson

    This picture makes them look so violent!! :)

  18. Ann Wagner

    Man…that dog looks mean !!! My little ones are timid. They do bark when someone comes in but then after a few they stop.

  19. Tree Ethington

    hahah NO way

  20. Annette Gardner

    Well, as my dad would say…That'll learn him (the dude, not the dog)

  21. Becky Kevin Holt

    I can just hear him sis! Hahaha

  22. Bernie Oakar

    Hi Francine june 10th was the 20 th anniversary of howards visit to cleveland.

  23. Henning Sjolie

    Another HD without a silencer? I understand the dogs reaction!

  24. Jake Willenbrecht

    Seriously if you have a bike permit you know what to do when a dog goes after ur bike

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