School Zone Speed Limits in effect year around in Riverton; Summer School now in progress

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Riverton motorists are reminded that even school school is out, the speed limits in the school zones have not changed. They are 20 mph year-around. Why? Children tend to congregate around playgrounds and drivers need to be alert and watch for the kiddos. Motorists should also know that Summer School is now underway in Riverton, just another reason to observe the 20 mph school speed zones.



  1. Bob Haywood

    I mean no disrespect for the safety of children, but really? maybe we can all get out and push our cars? maybe the education (an oxymoron) system can teach children to stay out of the road? or maybe it just instills the arrogance of entitlement, those folks who learn at an early age that everyone else will yield to them as they saunter at a leisurely speed across the road, without even looking up to see if it's safe? it's nanny state government at it's finest, all under the umbrella of "for the children". I believe we are doing our children a great disservice and over regulating everyone else. Alert! Alert! Children are EVERYWHERE, could be ANYWHERE and we should all be cautious and considerate when operating a motor vehicle.

  2. Rita McIntyre Foster

    I agree, children are everywhere. All I can say is the City must need more revenue from the speeders and that's an easy trap!

  3. Randy Ray

    It doesn't matter anyway, very few people obey the signs . Many times I have almost been ran into from behind, given the finger, and cursed at because I slowed to the posted limit. There will be a time when someone pushes my button at the wrong time.

  4. Michelle Kiggins

    But —- I live on "Sunset Drive" in Riverton. This whole street should be a "School Zone" and Isn't. Also, the crosswalk issue still persists in Riverton. People don't see the cross-walks they aren't illuminated enough. Oncoming traffic doesn't stop for pedestrians (children, adults & elderly). I'm confused on what this "New" law will do when people don't practice safe driving near cross-walks and school zones anyway? P.S. My high school aged nephew was hit by oncoming traffic in the middle of the day right by Riverton High School. :(

  5. Stephen Sikes

    They drive like maniacs running stop signs and stop lights . The cops not do anything . Texting also a big problem… Someone will get killed yet from someone stupidity !!!

  6. Sheila Johnson

    Bob Haywood… How many children do you have? Have you ever been standing in a crosswalk waiting patiently to cross the road, and having to wait because some ignorant drivers do not stop to "yield" to you?? It is a LAW to teach our children that they are to be "yield" to. I find the word you choose to use "YIELD" ridiculous. It is to keep not just children but every one safe.. Have you not seen all the accidents here lately that have killed bicyclists and people walking on the side of the road???? And like Stephen Sikes said.. people texting is a big problem. Some people are in just to big of a hurry to get no where, and our loved ones are the ones paying for it. I hope if you are ever out walking and you step off the curb to cross the street safely there is not someone right around the corner that does not see you. That is why it is called an accident. I am glad the school zones are in effect all year long.

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