Saunders arrested on two felony aggravated assault charges following altercation with his ex

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A former Riverton Police Department Captain was arrested Wednesday by the Fremont County Sheriffs Department on two counts of Felony Aggravated Assault and Battery. A Fremont County warrant charged Frisco Saunders, 42, of Riverton of assaulting his wife in the parking lot at her employment during a child exchange and threatening to kill her and then attempting to run her over with his truck.

According to a Riverton Police report of the incident, on Monday, June 2 at about 11:53 a.m., police were contacted by Saunder’s former wife who said she had been threatened and nearly run over by him.

The 42-year-old Riverton woman said that she and her ex were to meet in the parking lot of her employment in the 300 block of Lincoln Street for a child exchange involving their juvenile son. According to the report, Saunders was upset because of the child’s clothing, but his former wife said that each time he takes the child, he never comes back with any of his clothes, forcing her to buy new outfits for him every time. An argument allegedly broke out over that topic and Saunders is alleged to have begun poking his wife in her chest while backing her up and yelling at her. He allegedly backed her all the way into the side of a vehicle in the lot and kept poking her in the chest.

The female victim told officers that he threatened to break into her house and kill her and her new boyfriend. She then told police that she grabbed a cart full of supplies for her work and began to return to her employment “when she heard an engine rev-up and heard it accelerate,” the police report said. “She was able to leap about three feet to avoid being run over by the red pickup, but one of her arms was struck by the vehicle’s side mirror. The report said she had obvious red marks on her arm where she was struck.

After the truck nearly ran her over, the victim told police he continued screaming obscenities at her as he drove away, the report said.

“If she had not jumped out of the way, she would’ve been run over,” Captain Eric Murphy said of the police report information. “That was the basis for the felony charges.”

Saunders left the RPD several years ago shortly after being promoted to the rank of Captain.


  1. Shawna Crispin

    Woah 0-o

  2. Bart Molash

    Ha Ha Ha

  3. Connie Johnston

    This adds another crime to his long list. He needs to be off the street before someone is seriously hurt.

  4. Cindy Halverson

    About time….

  5. Velinda Friday

    Karma, don't you all love her? I sure do, this officer used his badge to wreck the lives of many people. When I saw his face I immediately thought, It is about time… He is a disgrace to the Criminal Justice System.

  6. Lynnette Ortiz

    Two sides to every story

  7. Deedee Panzetanga

    And that was a former captain!!!

  8. Rondine Knezovich

    Bad cop….no doughnut!! He needs to punished under the law. Hopefully the badge that he hid behind to terrorize people, will prevent him for saving time.

  9. Rondine Knezovich

    Serving time is what the above should have said.

  10. Patti Fazendin


  11. Ashlee Smith

    What a douche bag!! Glad he was arrested!!!!!

  12. Ashia Schimmel

    i have seen him literally beat up my ex boyfriends sister multiple times while I was at his house.. Thank goodness he's locked uup!!

  13. Scott Shinkle

    Its the history of RPD going back as least to 1990….. I worked for FCSO for almost 10 years…. if memory serves ne correctly he was hired by Jeff Smith with Mark Stone somewhere not far under Smith. Smith and Stone actions were always questionable to me and others……. Saunders is just another jerk in a long line………POS

  14. Kendra Smith

    Not wishing bad on anyone; everyone has a bad day. Some just make poor judgments without careful thought of the consequences.

  15. Kimberli Benac-Lewis

    Hmmmmm….. Though I agree with you on some points… I have to wonder, only because I know Frisco…. just how much to blame his wife was…. having an ex myself…I can't say that the thought of running his dumb ass over with a truck didn't cross my mind a time or two…. :)

  16. Mary Warren Killsontop

    Wasn't he a police officer on the rez too?

  17. Steve StClair

    His cousin Wes Romero is just as bad of a cop as he was

  18. Shylah Jacobson

    FINALLY!! I have waited a long time for Karma to catch up to this asshole! He is a liar and obviously a crook! Hope he gets what's coming to him!

  19. Ronald Glasscock

    You have a past also, I worked near you at the FCSO and I do know.

  20. Scott Shinkle

    I would like to clear something up if i may….. there are and always has been very good people within the law enforcement community of Fremont county this means … RPD, LPD, WHP, BIA, FCSO, FBI AND GAME AND FISH ….. They have always had a tough job to do and that
    fact will never change….
    Many of them I will consider life long friends…. keep up the good work and he safe

  21. Michael Smith

    Scott goes back further 1987 when two bullies in blue took my nephew who had a compound fracture with bones sticking out of his leg out of the hospital beat him enough to give him a concussion and dumped him on the road 16 miles out of town.

  22. Michael Smith

    Benna Dick Please may the God's of law enforcement not allow Mr. Stone
    any chance of getting elected. In my humble opinion he is a very bad, bad man of little or no moral values. Again just my humble opinion and my daughter and her friends opinion and my son's opinion.

  23. Scott Shinkle

    If anyone feels as strongly as some of the comments suggest ……. take a stand be heard do not let the issue get cold….. if you want change make it happen

  24. Moneta Watan

    I totally agree with this one.

  25. Velinda Friday

    I pray to the Gods of justice that this x cop goezs to jail for the crime he commited. I have so much to say about him, however, i must refrain.

  26. Brett Johnson

    Mr. Saunders is not currently a cop nor has he been for several years. So anyone associating him with current law enforcement is wrong.

  27. Wanda Durham

    Maybe the ex should have taken care of business

  28. Allen Cantrell

    Wonder what his cocky attitude is like now?

  29. Mandi Tutton

    Finally! What goes around comes around. I've had dealings with this man all the way back to around 2000 when he was at the same academy I was (him for Law Enforcement and me for Deputy Coroner). I can say I wasn't impressed then and I'm certainly not impressed now!

  30. Mary Gold Forrester

    two sides to every story better double check both sides !!!!!

  31. Maddog Nichols

    Not since he resigned under suspicious circumstances surrounding an investigation involving sexual photgraphs and misconduct.

  32. Maddog Nichols

    Where's the other story?

  33. Maddog Nichols

    Where's the other side's story?

  34. Maddog Nichols
  35. Mary Gold Forrester

    Maddog NicholsEXACTLY !!!!!!!

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