On last day of school at Pavillion today, retiring instructor saddled with extra duty

(Pavillion, Wyo.) – Today is the last day of school in Fremont County School District 6, and the last day with students for long-time history teacher Dick Quayle. Mr. Quayle has been teaching at Pavillion for 32 years and is retiring from the classroom. To mark this momentus occasion, several students from his class decided to put a history lesson into action.

Lincoln David of Pavillion and Bryce Hankins of Crowheart remembered a lesson from Mr. Quayle in which he quoted a state statute that requires a school to “provide feed, water, shelter and care for any horse that is along the road to school.”

On Monday after school, the two erected a temporary corral on the high school parking lot for their two horses. Today, Mr. Quayle was informed of extra duty he had to perform on this last day of school. That task, you ask? It would would be taking care of those two horses. And, naturally, he did. The photo story is below. Thanks to Ryan Sennett, the Wind River School Yearbook Advisor, for the photos.


  1. Velinda Friday

    Thank you Mr. Quayle.

  2. Crystal Denke Edwards

    cool! he was a good one.

  3. Priceless! Thanks for all the years Mr. Quayle.

  4. Sandra Brown

    Happy Retirement! You were an amazing teacher! Thank you for all the lessons!

  5. Karla Portlock Borders

    What a difference you have made for so many students! Thank you Mr. Quayle!!

  6. Andrea Clark

    thanks Mr. Quayle, my son wouldnt graduated with out your help years ago, your the best :)

  7. Ambi Peahrora

    Thank You Mr. Quayle, my son enjoyed playing basketball for you..for his four years of high school with you.

  8. Jodanna Destefano

    Mr. Quayle hasn't changed a bit. You were my coach and my teacher. Thank you for all you have done. Hope you have a fantastic retirement filled with complete joy.

  9. Jody Whiteman

    Thanks Mr. Quayle for great high school memories and a super education.

  10. Tania Bernard-O'Neal

    Great deal :) Mr Quayle has spent countless hours dedicating his life to teaching/coaching Congrats on your retirement. btw.. which W.S.S is that?
    … I don't remember reading that one

  11. Yes you made a difference for the kids at Wind River High School. Even though I did not go to school at Wind River High School, but my brothers played basketball and football at Shoshoni High School for four years and we played against your school several times. Good luck in your retirement and enjoy it to the fullest. So what are your plans now that you are retired.

  12. Megan Cliame Miles

    Mr.Quayle you are an amazing teacher! Enjoy retirement your deserve It!
    Megan class of 2000

  13. Christina Hutchison

    Congrats to you Mr. Quayle. Enjoy retirement and know you touched a number of lives throughout your career!

  14. Larry Huelle

    You touched so many lives including mine. Thank you Coach.

  15. Beth Miller

    You were my favorite teacher Quayle.. Thank you.

  16. Sounds like a well loved and respected teacher

  17. Ashley Wheeler

    I was there. It was so cool. I want to do this so bad. Bye Mr. Qual.

  18. Jim Lynch

    thanks coach i still tell my kids the early morning practice when i was a 9th grader and u standing out side your class during the class change and toby shook had a prank done to him and all u did was grin u couldn't laugh at it either thanks for the memories coach and dont hit anymore animals in that 12 passager van

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