Two Wyoming cyclists in killed in crashes with possible intoxicated vehicle drivers within a week

(Sheridan, Wyo.) – A second bicyclist within a week has been killed by a motorist believed to be under the influence of alcohol. The Wyoming Highway Patrol reports that Larry Hurst, 65, of Sheridan, was killed at the scene of the wreck along US 87 just south of Sheridan at noon on Saturday.

A second cyclist, 56-year-old Sara Hurst has been life-flighted to Billings, Mont., for her injuries. Both her and Larry Hurst were wearing helmets, when Hannah M. Terry, 34, of Big Horn, Wyo., drove into the southbound shoulder and struck both bicycles from the rear, the Wyoming Highway Patrol reports. Both were separated from their bicycles.

Possible charges of DWUI, Aggravated Vehicular Homicide, and Driving without Insurance are pending against driver Terry.

Hurst’s death follows Friday’s death of Matthew Harker, a Casper cyclist who was struck on Thursday morning by a SUV. Harker was also wearing a helmet. Casper Police have said that alcohol is being investigated as contributing factor to the wreck. However, the driver of the SUV involved has not been identified, and police have made no statements about possible charges as of Monday morning. Read more about this wreck at our sister site, Oil City.

These two deaths came at about the same time that the League of American Bicyclists released its annual ranking of bike-friendly states. Wyoming’s ranking has dropped from 33rd to 36th. Read more about rankings here.


  1. Tammy Ridgley

    How sad and utterly tragic for those who were killed. Prayers to their families for their losses.

  2. Skye Willow

    It ia very sad they lost their lives and my prayers do go out to them and the families. Also my prayers go out to the accused. Did they go out and intend to take a life? Absolutely not. They are also suffering stress hurt and anguish of what they did. In which they will have to live with that for as long as they live. They are ppl too and they have families that are also affected by this. Prayers to both sides of the families.

  3. Liz Shield

    If you are driving while intoxicated, you deserve all the stress you brought onto yourself!

  4. Cheryl Heckart

    Really? My heart goes out to the cyclist. .if u choose to drive like this ..this is what happens. .

  5. Billie Jo Dains

    so so so sad

  6. Josh Moore

    This is messed up the people that was drunk should do life in prison who cares if there stressed look at the family's that just lost a loved one they can never have that family member come back, I was in jail last year for an unpaid fine i did 30 days while i was in there a guy that was drunk that went around a bus an hit an killed a lil kid was in there he got 6 months in jail are court system is messed up you get more time for petty things then the things that you should be locked away for ever on,

  7. Joe Ganem III

    This should be a capital offense, punishable by death. A person willingly drinks and drives. This is no accident. its as intentional as first degree murder.

  8. Norma Sanders Stinson

    I feel same vvay as my classmate Joe Ganem.

  9. David Cannon

    Having lost a friend to a drunk driver, I think drunk driving is tragic and should be punished; however, I strongly disagree that it is no accident and should be considered first degree murder punishable by death. I don't think anyone that drinks and drives intends to kill someone and first degree murder is premeditated homicide, which means the murder was planned. Most people that drink and drive have lost the cognitive ability to plan anything, which is why they drive under the influence. There are many people that drink and drive and do not injure or kill anyone because they were either lucky that they did not get into an accident or because they did maintain enough cognitive and motor ability to avoid an accident and make it to their destination. I think we (society) could reduce drunk/impaired driving if we stop glorifying this type of behavior. For example, when someone at a party tells a drunk driving story about themselves the people listening should not laugh but, rather, express concern and disappointment over this behavior to discourage this person in the future. I have been in these situations numerous times and the response by most people is to laugh at these types of stories. Recently, I have taken this new approach and, although I am not sure it will help change anyone's behavior, at least I know I am not supporting such bad behavior. My two cents…

  10. Miki Nixon

    Am starting out on the Oklahoma FreeWheel Ride next week… I'm not the bicyclist ( I'm the support vehicle, but can't tell you what an anxious week this always is…I fear for my people the entire time they're out of my sight. Please, please people… Share the road responsibly . Joe and I are classmates of Larry's brother and we grieve with him and his family.

  11. Amy Dixon Storm

    There is never going to be a good outcome when you put a bicycle rider on a highway where there is the possibility of a car bring driven at hwy speeds, drunk or not. I hate drunk drivers! No excuse for you at all!

  12. If they find that the driver of the auto who hit Larry was DWI or distracted by cell usage, hang 'em high.

  13. Brian Pearson

    When you are intoxicated and then decide to get behind the wheel of several tons of fast moving steel it is not an accident. You have caused the death and should suffer punishment.

  14. Kevin Steinman

    Mr Hurst (known to me as Coach Hurst) was my Junior High football and track coach in Oklahoma.

    He was a fun loving guy who could relate to us kids, but was stern enough to keep us in line. He later became an attorney, I had heard through the grapevine, but obviously had returned to teaching.

    Very sad to hear of his death, and certainly under these horrific conditions. I certainly hope his wife recovers, but I know he will be missed by many, including me who only knew him briefly some 36-38 years ago, who but who left an indelible impression on me.

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