Riverton’s alleged Razor Racer caught & arrested following another night of eluding police

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The Razor Racer who eluded police in a series of early morning high speed exploits through streets and alleys earlier this year was caught on Sunday after he allegedly did it again. Police identified the man as 21-year-old William Klaproth of Riverton. Klaproth is facing multiple charges from this latest incident, including Fleeing or Attempting to Flee from Police, Reckless Driving, Driving While Under Suspension, Required Signal, Speeding, and Driving Roadways Lined for Travel.

Captain Eric Murphy said Klaproth was identified as being the racer in the first incident through Facebook posts featuring his photo.

The latest episode began on Sunday morning at 1:40 a.m. when a man was reported coming out of a bar and stumbling toward a parked razor in the 500 block of East Main. A responding officer was in the 100 block of North Broadway when a police report indicated the officer heard the razor start up and accelerate at a high rate of speed heading westbound on East Main and driving without lights. The officer initially gave chase, but pulled back per RPD policy when he hit a speed of 80 mph. The Razor continued west on Main where the ATV was seen to drift into opposite driving lanes. The ATV disappeared from sight in the 1200 block of West Main. The driver was spotted again on College View Drive turning onto West Sunset, but the driver hit the curb, began driving on the grass of the hospital, and failed to stop for a stop sign before racing to Rose Lane. The police report said the driver then turned south off of Rose Lane onto Day Drive where, at Morefeld Drive on the Central Wyoming College campus, other officers had stopped their patrol vehicles in an attempt to stop the ATV. The driver of the ATV, however, failed to yield  and accelerated west on Morefeld. Police did not pursue per their policy.

Later on Sunday afternoon, because the police knew who they were looking for, they spotted the Razor in question parked outside of a residence, which turned out to be a friend of Klaproth’s. He was found sleeping on a couch inside the house and was taken into custody.

Murphy said the investigation is ongoing as video surveillance is being collected from two separate bars and from one of the city’s downtown cameras. The Razor was impounded.



  1. Tammy Ridgley

    Can't run forever. . . it's always just a matter of time!

  2. Dain Medow

    County 10, it's a Rzr. :)

  3. Jeff Carruth


  4. Paul Blanco

    Damn rzr wont even go 80

  5. Lyle Zimmerman

    Good for RPD for knowing when to back off during a chase, and you got your man…bravo, well done

  6. Cheryl Heckart

    Wonder how he likes his pic out there! Lol! Haha! Hes a hot mess!

  7. Chad Long

    All teran vehical atv

  8. No stewy what were u thinking.

  9. Dawn Morris

    If my uncle were alive today.. He would have been very happy.. Ya all caught him… Don't forget.. Distruction of public property…! He did drive across the Hospital lawn… :-)

  10. Josh Deen

    O stew….that could have been the coolest thing you ever done….

  11. Cassie Lemley

    Technically its a UTV.

  12. Brawk Hopper

    i went to court with him lol

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