UPDATE: City of Lander extends request for no unnecessary watering until further notice

(Lander, Wyo.) – The City of Lander is extending its request water customers for no unnecessary outdoor watering until further notice. Deputy Clerk Tami Hitshew said the city’s crews were unable to get the clogged valve replaced at the Water Treatment Plant as quickly as expected.

On Tuesday, Public Works Director Mickey Simmons expected the repair to take two days to complete. However, Hitshew said the crews now have a goal to have it done by the weekend.

By limiting outdoor watering for the next couple days, the plant will process less water and thereby aiding city crews in the repairs.

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  1. Phil Riddle

    Doesn't anyone remember that the increase in water rates some years ago was to pay for the upgrading of the water treatment plant and after it was paid for, rates were to be reduced. However, as I understand it, the City Council took $1 million from the water fund to help pay for the new Community Center and will pay it back over a 50 year period! That's outrageous! The $1 million should have been used to pay off the water plant improvements and paid out as it accumulated to decrease interest costs. The current City Council has violated the public trust and all members need to be replaced

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