Tassles flying, Skateboard enthusiasts graduate with Class of 2014

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The Central Wyoming Skakeboarding Association graduated five of its members this past week from Riverton High School and, earlier, from Central Wyoming College. To celebrate the occasion, they had their photo taken at the Riverton Skatepark.

Club sponsor Matt Wright said skatepark users, with both bicycles and skateboards, sometimes get an undeserved bad rap and they rarely, if ever, are featured in the same spaces as regular high school athletes.

“I think if the younger kids at the skatepark who look up to these older guys and see them graduating, the kids would remember it forever. Many of the kids who skate at the park have parents who don’t value education at all, and many of them have dropped out over the years. Seeing these guys graduate was truly awesome to see,” he said.

Wright noted that the kids practice independently without a coach but are athletically driven to improve their game throughout the year, the same as athletes who have coaches.

The CWSA is currently undertaking a fund drive to finance a new skatepark in town and have collected about half of the needed funding.



  1. Barbette Hernandez

    Congratulations gentleman, very proud of you! Mr Hernandez
    I got on my wifes page sorry but very proud of these guys good luck in your future

  2. Cheryl Pigg

    These young men are bound for greatness ! As a parent of one of these guys. I can only say the people that label as bad kids. Shame on you! Try getting to know them. THEY ARE GREST YOUNG MEN !!!

  3. Karla Portlock Borders

    Amen to that, Cousin!! =D

  4. Sheila St John Casey

    Congratulations to you all but especially to my amazing nephew Cody!!!!

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