BREAKING: Three vehicle wreck on Lander’s Main Street

(Lander, Wyo.) – Be careful commuters, Lander emergency responders are headed to the scene of a three vehicle on wreck on the 300 block of Main Street. A Chevy Camaro is sandwiched between two pickup trucks.

Additional information will be reported as it comes available.


  1. Ron Howard

    I hope no injuries.

  2. Michael Smith

    Typical Wyoming driving like peas in a pod driving habits sad someone got hurt but maybe just maybe some day law enforcement in cities and on the highway might start enforcing following too close laws

  3. Ron Howard

    Don't you just love a run-on sentence?!

  4. Forrest Phillips

    Pretty sure at least two drivers know better now, we don't need more en FORCEment !!

  5. Michael Smith

    Ron Howard Oh god the grammar police {:>)

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