PHOTO GALLERY: Riverton Firefighters quench house fire on Sherry Street; Significant damage to the home

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Riverton Firefighters are currently at the scene of a house fire on the 1000 block of Sherry Street. The fire apparently started at the back of the house, possibly on a back deck, which was heavily damaged.

A neighbor, Garrett Middleton, said he heard cracking and popping sounds and looked outside to see the deck and side of house engulfed in flames. “I grabbed a garden house and another man came running over and we sprayed the back of the house until the fire department arrived,” he said.

An electrical line was knocked down before the firefighters arrived, due to the fire, and it was laying in the back yard.

With smoke alarms blaring from the inside, firefighters immediately entered the house with air packs and worked the fire on the mid level of the house. A child in a bedroom was carried to safety, and according to reports, was not injured but placed in an ambulance to keep cool. Temperatures were near 90 degrees outside and much hotter inside.

Firefighters coming out of the house, once their breathing apparatus was removed, were dripping in sweat and their bunkers were covered in attic insulation. Support personnel delivered bottled water and helped the firefighters change their oxygen bottles.

Neighbors began clustering a safe distance away, taking photos and talking among themselves.

Photos by’s Ernie Over who reported from the scene. Click to enlarge

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  1. Cheryl Heckart

    That's sad! But everyone and pets are ok I nightmare! !

  2. Sylvia Cruickshank

    Yes, I hope everyone is OK!!

  3. Cindy Lou Snider

    How horrible that people are camped out like it's a movie watching as their neighbor looses their home! So sorry for the family who lost their home.

  4. Andrea Walters

    Good Job RFD!!

  5. Ron Howard

    What the neighbors supposed to do? Pee on it?

  6. Bev Samuelson Lord

    Riverton has had few bad fires past few months, the church,

  7. Becky Lancaster

    This was our home. The firefighters and EMS did an amazing job. We are truly blessed to have the neighbors we have. They were helpful and caring. Significant damage but the most important thing is no one was hurt. Things can be replaced people and pets can't.

  8. Shari Ketelhut

    This was someone's home, now who's being insensitive.

  9. Ron Howard

    You obviously didn't read the comment that I was referring to.

  10. Our community is so blessed to have such dedicated firefighters, they do an outstanding job. I am so thankful that the family escaped injuries, the house can be rebuilt.

  11. Bill House

    Looks to me like some of us that have served and left good ole RVFD, left the department in good hands. Thank you for carrying on.

  12. Vickie DeVries


  13. Joni Munsterteiger

    I live right behind this house and I thought it was very insensitive of people to be standing around and taking pictures. I was too busy calling 911 instead of grabbing my camera! Glad my neighbors are all ok. Let us know if you need anything–

  14. Angela Manzanares Ladd

    Well, I will be the first to commend RPD since they are always left out and seem to never get credit where credit is due. Good job to ALL who were on the scene, RPD..RFD..EMS and neighbors. Becky, I am glad that you, Amber, the pups and your hubby are all ok. I wish you the best.

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