Driver inattention, following too closely ruled factors in Friday’s double fatal near Lamont

(Rawlins, Wyo.) – The Wyoming Highway Patrol this morning said driver inattention and following too closely were contributing factors in a double-fatality crash Friday afternoon near Lamont.

The patrol’s report is copied below:

“At around 12:45 pm on Friday, May 16, 2014, three vehicles, a white flatbed pickup, followed by a white flatbed combination unit, and commercial vehicle driven by 48 year old John Francks of Rock Springs, WY, were traveling south bound on US 287 at approximately milepost 28.5 when the white flatbed pickup slowed down and pulled off the roadway onto a county road. The white flatbed combination unit following the pickup swerved around and passed the flatbed pickup. Francks locked the brakes on his vehicle causing the truck to jack-knife with the cab in the northbound lane of travel perpendicular to the highway. A second commercial vehicle driven by 31 year old Gary P. Linton of Thermopolis, WY was traveling north bound and crashed into the jack-knifed vehicle. Both drivers were declared dead at the scene. Inattentive driving and following too close are contributing factors leading to the cause of the crash.”



  1. Jamie Sanchez

    Holly heaven

  2. Randy Ray

    I just about bet the pickup truck didn't use his turn signal either. On any given day you can count hundreds of drivers not following the rules of the road.

  3. Scott Woodruff

    Yep, hundreds, while going to fast. Almost always. Prayers to the families.

  4. Cheryl Heckart

    If I had a semi on my ass and need to turn, them damn blinker ligjts ans slowing down would have happened way before my yurn..prayers to all the families and friends..just sad..

  5. Matthew Hutson

    pretty sad I travel that road and there's always lots of traffic for sure.

  6. Marie Roskowske

    Sad because of poor driving habits,these guys won't be going home to their families.

  7. Christine Parr

    I agree Randy Ray one of the worst bad driving habits is not using turn signals. Or only turning them on as your vehicle begins the turn – why bother at that point ?? They only help communicate your intentions if you use them BEFORE the turn.

  8. Terri Dieleman Cornella

    So very sad for both families. Both drivers were too young…:(

  9. Paul Hessenthaler

    So sad for both families. I dont see bad driving habits on Gary Lintons behalf. He did nothing wrong other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  10. Michael Smith

    Sad, ever so sad that two people are dead and even sadder is that not paying attention and "tailgating" were contributing causes to their deaths. For what ever reason folks nowadays seem to bunch up like peas in a pod when traveling down the highway at high speeds. I do hope that this fatal accident will be another reason for the Wyoming Highway Patrol to start cracking down "HARD" on tailgaters. In Germany on the Autobahn where there is no speed limit tailgaters face stiffer fines because studies have show that to be a major contributor to fatal crashes.

  11. Julia Scott Gibson

    So sad no matter what the cause, but you are right about the need to call attention to this reason.

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