Thermop woman killed in Wednesday night crash, three injured; Statewide fatals now total 43

(Thermopolis, Wyo.) – Twenty-one year-old Madisen A. Price of Thermopolis was killed and three others were injured when the vehicle in which they were all occupants left WY 172 about 15 miles north of Thermopolis and rolled two times Wednesday evening at around 9:50 p.m. None of the occupants were wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash and two were totally ejected from the vehicle during the rollovers.

Injured were 20 year old Cody Shinost of Thermopolis, who was hospitalized at the Hot Springs County Memorial hospital, and 21 year old Dylan Balstad and 18 year old Delanie Price, also both of Thermopolis and both transported via helicopter to Wyoming Medical Center in Casper.

Wyoming Highway Patrol officers continue to investigate the crash and believe alcohol usage and speed were contributing factors. Charges against the driver are pending.

As of May 15th 43 people have lost their lives on Wyoming highways in motor vehicle crashes during 2014. There have been 9 fatalities in 8 separate crashes during the month of May. An eight (8) vehicle crash May 14th on WY 59 south of Gillette claimed the lives of three people. Lack of seat belt usage was a significant factor in five of these crashes where occupants were ejected from the vehicle during rollovers.

–Wyoming Highway Patrol 


  1. Chelsie Flinn

    The headline says Thermopolis man. Should be Thermopolis woman

  2. Carol Marie Stone

    I feel this should not have been put on facebook. First it was a thermopolis women. And the families are going through enough to have there children be apart of a statistic the day after the tragic events. I meean really have a heart.

  3. Chelsie Flinn

    It's been all over face book since mid night last night. At least this is a lot closer to truthful than what I've been seeing on Facebook. I agree, there is a time and a place, but people expect news. If they have a thread of the truth, maybe it will keep ignorants from spreading gossip

  4. Ted Hubele

    I Agree with Chelsie We need New not Gossip…..

  5. Jim Dodds

    Two daughters – please just pray for all the families.

  6. Tony Huemer

    How exactly is this gossip?

  7. Mari Manthei-Robinson

    I wish everyone would learn to use their seatbelts, no one likes them but, they do save lives. Another tragic story of young people leaving us way too early. I pray they were not drinking.

  8. Julie Lynn Norris

    Ok everyone is worried about no seatbelts and gossip. What about the fact that young people either died or were severely injured do to possible alcohol use!!!

  9. Seatbelts have also killed people …. I use to tow accidents with my cousin who is in charge of a towing service an a woman neck was dislocated because the seat belt

  10. Laurie Richard

    Prayers to the families! ! So much tragedy lately it's so sad :'(

  11. Patty Livingston

    These tragedies hit a small town hard. The whole community mourns. Support the families and each other

  12. Bubba Bubba Bubba

    This is why kiddies should not drink and drive, now mommy and daddy are sad! Dylan Balstad has like 5 DUI's.

  13. Bubba Bubba Bubba

    Don't read it if you hate what facebook says! Derp!

  14. Bubba Bubba Bubba

    Chelsie Flinn Derp goes to the internet police! Derp, Derp calling!

  15. Bubba Bubba Bubba

    Damn I love life, such a beautiful day in the world!

  16. Angela Harding

    prayers to all the young adults and there families prayers is what they all need at this time

  17. DJ Hernandez

    Yes, seat belts may save some lives but they can also cost that life. I don't care what safety measures you come up with they will always be double edged. And no one, in my opinion, has the right to force me to do something I don't want to do for my own "safety."

  18. Mari Manthei-Robinson

    I understand that but they force us to have insurance on our cars, now we are forced to have healthcare so I think a seatbelt is the least of the problems other than the cost of the ticket if you get caught without it.

  19. Amy Mcdonald

    Who was driving? jw

  20. Michele Mcbroom

    DJ Hernandez I was personally saved from dying twice for not having my seatbelt on and a third time for riding my bike without the helmet my head would have been cut off with the use of my helmet and I would have lost my shades due to the helmet and lost my eyes with their protection I lost my eleven year old brother due to his seat belt hanging him when we were in a car wreck caused by the lack of knowledge the parents on the road had. . . . just saying I agree with DJ Hernandez

  21. Melina Richter

    Paryers r with all family n friend

  22. Sue Hnilicka

    Social media is the world we live in. I see know difference between some newspaper article and social media where at least their is an opportunity for people to share, heal, and help.

  23. Angie Krill

    If the driver is still alive that person needs to be convicted by the District Attorney for drunk driving, speeding, reckless behavior, and most notably manslaughter.

  24. Angie Krill

    It's a news story, this is on

  25. Angie Krill

    Hopefully the person that drove gets convicted and sentenced to the maximum punishment allowed. The person killed and injured only the persons in the car. It could have been much worse if they crashed in to an innocent family.

  26. Angie Krill

    Try looking at the statistics, seat belts save more lives than anything. Instead of trying to diminish the ineptitudes of the already inebriated driver and passengers, you should focus on your own ignorance.

  27. Jacob Blair

    Why exactly is how many DUI's a person has even being mentioned, I don't mean to be rude in any way shape or form but what happened happened, no one can do anything about it now, the families definitely need support and prayers right now, I strongly encourage everyone to do so! Regardless of how many DUI's someone has.

  28. Paul Mckinstray

    Angie Krill i hope you think dieing is high enough penalty no one knows is alcohol involved its a rumor to sell headlines. and if you were in the car with your sister and crashed losing her and it turns out you swerved to miss a cow on open range should you go to jail and be tortured by jerks how don't no there but from the truth stop being stupid

  29. Paul Mckinstray

    Angie Krill its 50 50 chance your number may be up members in my family have been told if you had belt on you would have been killed and i worked wrecks where belt killed family members and the ones without belts lived so stuff it in the stats they are for money grubbing fools who never see real life belts brake and belt hang wait till you feel it for real get a life

  30. Paul Mckinstray

    thank you for be the person who cares we all need to pray for the family's and friend of these kid

  31. Angie I wasn't being ignorant at all I was saying what I've seen my prayers for this family

  32. Becky Wills

    Bubba if anyone is on their 3rd (sometimes 2nd) DUI they are in prison so I think you must be exaggerating the number of DUI's.

  33. Debbie White

    Just a very sad situation all together. Prayers to the family of these girls and the others in this wreck. As far as seatbelt use…more times than not they will save your life…as far as drinking and driving…don't do it! Our family has been through this same situation and it's a terrible tragedy for a family/community. My son lived from his wreck, but with a life long head injury from being ejected.

  34. Kandi Faust Isbell

    I pray for the families. Hope kids out there read this and hope it saves a life or lives.

  35. Chauntel Ring

    Becky, my brother has 3 and he was never even looking at prison time…i also know a classmate of mine has 5 never looked at prison time

  36. Bubba Bubba Bubba

    Becky Wills Well I'll be damned, Becky is majoring in criminal law I see…. how's that undergraduate degree comin'? Ok, my bad I was using witty sarcasm when I said, Dylan "has like" 5 DUI's. Well the kid has three driving while intoxicated charges that I know of, and that's just in the last four years or so, so sweetie you better check with your Professor on the Laws of Wyoming before checkmating me! BTW the drunkards who get pulled over in small communities get nothing but a slap and a few hours of raking leaves! I know, because thanks to kids like Dylan, Thermopolis WY looks pretty damn clean! So kiddies if you want to down the night train wine and play with the devil….. buckle up!

  37. Bubba Bubba Bubba

    Life is still all Glory!

  38. Bubba Bubba Bubba

    Paul Mckinstray Grammar much? Derp!

  39. Bubba Bubba Bubba

    Paul Mckinstray, What the hell are you saying, I lost you somewhere near the beginning. Paul, are you drinking again?

  40. Angie Krill

    Paul Mckinstray They were drinking, she crashed, killing her sister. She should be in jail.

  41. Angie Krill

    Paul Mckinstray Statistics trump your confirmation bias.

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