UPDATE: Three killed in horrific eight car smash-up at Gillette-area construction zone

(Gillette, Wyo.) – Three people have been confirmed killed and at least three more injured in a crash involving eight vehicles about 10 miles south of Gillette on U.S. Highway 59 this morning at about 7:30 AM. The accident occurred near mile marker 99 in a construction zone where traffic was stopped on both sides of road repair project and a pilot car was leading groups of northbound and southbound traffic through the work zone.

According to Lieutenant Will Zilka of the Wyoming Highway Patrol, a number of north bound vehicles were stopped at the construction zone waiting their turn to be escorted through the work area. The area of the work zone was properly marked with signs, speed reductions, and flaggers. For reasons not yet determined, a Powder River Transport bus also north bound collided with the line of stopped vehicles at a high rate of speed. The collision killed one person in one of the stopped vehicles and two people in another of the stopped vehicles. None of the two dozen people on the bus sustained serious injuries. At least three people from other stopped vehicles were transported to the hospital as well and the extent of their injuries is unknown at this time.

Names of the injured and deceased have not been released and won’t be until next of kin have been notified. Charges have not yet been filed and likely will not be until the investigation is completed, which may take several days.

While it is difficult for most to fathom this kind of crash where a driver collides with stopped vehicles on an open roadway with no foul weather and clear visibility occurs all too frequently.

As we enter into the road construction season all drivers are encouraged to pay attention to work zone signs and signals and to slow down, stay off the phone, and buckle up.

–Wyoming Highway Patrol

U.S. 59 Crash Scene. (Wyoming Highway Patrol photos)

U.S. 59 Crash Scene. (Wyoming Highway Patrol photos)

A Powder River Transportation bus collided with a row of stopped vehicles at a construction site south of Gillette. Three people in two cars were killed outright. (via Christine Schmit courtesy photo)

A Powder River Transportation bus collided with a row of stopped vehicles at a construction site south of Gillette. Three people in two cars were killed outright. (via Christine Schmit courtesy photo)


  1. Kristie Kesy

    Wow! So sad prayers to all the families!

  2. Viki Roybal

    just devistating.

  3. Sandra K Boehler

    can not believe they post pics when families may recognize a vehicle before they have even been informed of their lose. sending prayers to all families.

  4. Jerry Fields

    I would not know my own vehicle the way the were torn up. My god I can not be leave this. May God be with all involved and their families.

  5. Lisa Herron

    Pray for the mothers and fathers of all those lost… Pray for their wives and children. What a terrible tragedy.

  6. Pamela Cann

    What are they thinking

  7. Daphne Sheridan Vaughn


  8. Kristina Rael

    Prayers to all the families.

  9. Kodi Majors

    I definitely don't want to be disrespectful, but news is news! My heart and my prayers go out to the victims of this horrible accident as well as all those affected but for heaven's sake, you can't please everyone in this world, and the first amendment is "The First Amendment"! Maybe the media would be more apt to feature real stories in this world if they weren't nit picked to death when they finally do!

  10. Amanda Cross Wurtzberger

    Many prayers.

  11. Missie D Chako

    OMG…….My heart breaks for the families who lost loved ones and for the families of those injured and for all those survivors of this horrible crash who had to witness it:) My Prayers are with you all!!!!!!!!!!

  12. How devastating. Prayers to all.

  13. Billy Youd Sargent

    They know the busiest time on that highway is between 7 and 8 in the mornings and evenings. Why not start those projects later to avoid the highest traffic times

  14. Bill there is no low traffic time on that road anymore. Sorry this is horrible.

  15. Amanda Snyder

    So sad that we live in a society and time that people worry more about the 'filter' on their photo of this horrific crash and the 'likes' they will receive for said photo, than the people that were involved and the families with lost loved ones.

  16. Yolanda Frueh

    Whether the highway is busy or not has nothing to do with why this happened. Roads need fixed either way, no matter when they do the construction it will cause a complaint from someone. Prayers to the families.

  17. Amanda Snyder

    Prayers to the families of this tragedy :(

  18. Justin Sumner

    On Billys comment, it wouldn't matter what time they started or end the work day these things happen.

  19. Stacy Muggelberg

    How devastating!

  20. Judy Swinyer

    Very very bad I lost a family member

  21. Anna Maria Gonsales-Corral

    Lord, I lift up to you in prayer, all those involved in this terrible accident. For the repose of the souls of the three who perished. For the health and healing, mental and physical, of those who survived and witnessed the aftermath. And for those who are mourning, Lord, bring them peace. In Jesus name I pray. Mother Mary, please pray for these intentions.

  22. Dan Skundberg

    Fucking people are in such a damn hurry to go nowhere

  23. Jenny Knievel

    Prayers to all the families. How terribly sad!!

  24. Let me start by saying there is no excuse for the wanton destruction by this bus driver. But Billy is right. There should be a little common sense applied as to the time of day Wydot is stopping traffic to crack seal the highway and 7:30 am isnt it. With the extreme increase in traffic on 59 it's sad to say we will probably see more of this to come. God bless and keep all those involved.

  25. Cindi Stinson Sullivan

    Nancy is right. I live along this highway and it's like this ALL day long. Don't try to place blame on the highway Dept. Everyone is in to much of a hurry. It doesn't always get you there by doing that. Sad but true. Prayers to all involved.

  26. Cindi Stinson Sullivan

    I am sorry to hear that. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. :(

  27. Gordon Smith

    So sad :(

  28. Dana Knifer

    How about the driver of the bus. They know there is construction going on what the hell were they thinking. I'm sorry for all the familys loses. The bus driver is at fault weather they not have enough sleep health conditions or driving distracted, no excuses

  29. Stephen Knox

    Seems like that bus driver would be at fault going to fast

  30. Brittany Leair

    It doesnt matter what time it was, signs were posted about the construction and the bus driver failed to pay attention and caused a TERRIBLE tragity! I am praying for all involved, the deceased, injured, witnesses, and the bus driver. May God be with them all

  31. Brittany Leair

    It doesnt mayter what time they did this, signs were posted about the construction and the bus driver failed to pay attention to the signs and caused a TERRIBLE tragity. I am praying for all involved, the deceased, injured, witnesses, and the bus driver. May God be with them all.

  32. Lance Miller

    I lived in Wright for the past 8 years. I drive every other day to gillette to work, then Gillette to one the mines to pick up a train and vice versa. I have seen many wrecks and fatalities during my travels. Posting these picture which are horrific. I feel they need to be seen by the rest of the state to see the dangers we all face every time we travel highway 59. The county(s) along with the state needs to expand the Highway 59 to four lanes from Gillette to Douglas. How many more Husbands, Wives, Daughters, and Sons need to be involved in accidents before the safety of highway 59 to be addressed? Thoughts and prayers going out to those involved and the loved ones they left behind.

  33. Jodie Reed

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and family >3

  34. Michellethe CynicalOptimist


  35. Keith White

    My prayers for all involved. Terrible accident!

  36. Patrick Scott Azure

    Sad day will be missed my friend

  37. Melanie Thomas Klier

    Prayers to all who were involved.

  38. Connie Gerhardt Blonigen

    This is such of horrible tragedy and my condolences go out to the families of those that lost their lives. I have 2 mine workers – husband and son – that drive 59 back and forth for work and it makes me realize that it could have just as easy been them involved…I will be giving them an extra hug tonight.

  39. Jeffery Caffee

    This bus line Powder River Transportation hauls miners to and from the mines, as well as charters buses to anyone interested, and additionally transports railroaders (conductors and engineers) to and from their trains in their vans marked PTI (you can see these vehicles running all around Gillette, and up and down Hwy 59 day and night). The turnover rate at this company is outrageous, as you can see by the constant advertising they do to hire employees. I've listened to these drivers over the years complain incessantly on how they're treated badly and underpaid. It is of my opinion that they are also under trained. I've personally been involved in an accident with one of these drivers, and so have many, many other people I know. Things like this will continue until things change at this company.

  40. Loren Hodges

    So its the Highways fault for these deaths? Not hardly, its the do-called drivers in charge of a motor vehicle and diing something other than driving or not reading SIGNS or not driving according to conditions. Dorry not the the Highways fault, human fault!!

  41. DeWayne Lien


  42. Pierrette Anne Lister

    I'm so sorry for your loss Judy!!

  43. Stephen Knox

    DeWayne Lien, nice idea, but you know just as well as I do people do not honor posted speeds

  44. David LaPlant

    Lord please be with these people and there families right now.

  45. Dawna Koski

    What a tragic accident!

  46. Deb Zenisek

    OMGosh, how horrible!

  47. Jack Ottre

    this is so sad my prayers the familys and everyone that was hurt and kiled the the crash

  48. Cathy Lakey Davis

    Sorry but this doesn't even make since to me.

  49. Anna Oberlander Roberts

    I don't think having 4 lanes would have made a difference in this instance as all traffic was stopped. I agree it needs to be widened, but drivers needs to pay attention and SLOW DOWN! My husband used to haul fuel to the mines and had people pass him on the right hand shoulder because they were in such a hurry and traffic was in the oncoming lane!

  50. Jo Pountain Brotsky

    That is unreal. So sad

  51. DjMarie Carpenter

    Our prayers are with the families that lost loved ones. All I jave to say that is 4 deaths In a week on 59. The traffic we got it needs to be 4 lane highway tired of all the near misses with mine busses and the damn truck drivers how many more deaths do they need to have I had friends on that bus coming home from a long shift work

  52. Kodi Majors

    It was a major event in Campbell County. An event that everyone was concerned about. How many people watched the events fold out on live TV during 911 knowing that their loved ones went to the office that day? I don't think that the pics should have been posted on Facebook at 7:30 this morning, but in the evening "news", I don't see a problem with it! Reporting is reporting. There are a lot of horrible events in this world that victims and their families don't want to see. I am not insensitive to their feelings, but we can't protect the world from what causes us pain. Hopefully this will make more sense to you…

  53. Lee Helms


  54. Anna M Lujan

    I have traveled this road for 40 some years, and have had near hits and misses, It's human error,making it a 4 lane wont do it either. People just need to quit using it as the highway 59 500. I agree everyone should pay attention. Also everyone needs to slow down. Tell me how many other workers are not in a hurry to get home or to work my husband included. Next time you pass me at 80mph Ill call you in. Hopefully everyone else will to else will too.Prayers to everyone out there during this time.

  55. Karen Johnson

    So sorry Scotty!

  56. Cindi Stinson Sullivan

    I agree!

  57. Cindi Stinson Sullivan


  58. Heather M Calley

    Wow…many prayers going up for the families and all involved!

  59. Mary Rodgers

    lost a great family member and loved one

  60. Jason F. Skeen

    the second picture down is my brother in laws car. the silver car both people are ok

  61. Cindi Stinson Sullivan

    The highway is always busy. I live along it and hear it all day long. WDOT has to finish before dark or it would cause more accidents than this. Maybe you should go apply for a job there to see the dangers WDOT has to deal with also. My dad worked there for years and I worried about him constantly. That's just insulting.

  62. Jonathan Sisson

    As far as I know, PTI (the suburbans and small vans) is a different company. Professional Transportation Inc, I think. But regardless, the drivers for PTI fit your description exactly. PTI is just the latest in a long list of everchanging railroad transportation companies, and the drivers are always overworked, underpaid, and under-qualified. Just waiting for one of them to crash and kill the four or more passengers they usually carry.

  63. Mandi Sterkel Lujan

    I'm so sorry Scottie!

  64. Carrieann Haeusler

    The bus driver should be charged with manslater

  65. Carrieann Haeusler

    If that was my kids dying bc they take the bus to school I'd kill that driver myself!! Sooo horrible prayers for the family's. So sad

  66. Carol Pett

    R.I.P. My dear cousin. My heart is breaking for his family, our whole family.

  67. Nancy Landers

    Most dangerous stretch of hey in the state! TY God for keeping me & my family safe for 25 years, bless those less fortunate!

  68. Nancy Landers


  69. Marian Kingdon

    Very sorry for the loss of your family member. So sad.

  70. Keith Conner

    I am on the road every day at work sitting on top of 117,000 pounds of truck and trailers. You can't imagine the amount of people I see every day passing me over the posted speed limit into on coming traffic!! I would say over half of them are texting of doing other things!! I have seen people reading books,Tapping away on the old keyboard while steering with their nee!! People pulling out in front of you!! Highway 59 is so contested with endless traffic and most of them driving well over the speed limit and distracted! I am only surprised there are not fatality's every day on that stretch of highway. I feel it is like running a gauntlet every time I have to drive that highway!! Come on people lets put down the phones do away with the distractions pull our heads out and get home safe to our family's!!! My prayers and condolences go out to the family's and friends of the people who lost their lives today.

  71. Kendra Jamerman

    What a miracle! So glad they are ok Jason!

  72. Andrew Alva

    It has truly happened far too many times and 59 has needed expanded for a long time now. Hopefully this wakes up the government and actually gets someone to step in.

  73. Buck Johnson

    Our families prayers go out to all of the families who were affected by this tragedy may God help you in the healing process

  74. Vicky Park

    My family of 6 lived in Wright for about 6 yrs. We took the highway so many times to Gillette. This could easily have been my family involved. So I have to say my thoughts and prayers are going to all those involved in this horrific accident and their families.

  75. Amy Royce

    I see a lot of comments stating "What was the bus driver thinking" or that "the bus driver wasn't paying attention"…etc. This may have been said already, (I don't have time to read every comment), but my first thought was that the brakes on the bus went out.

  76. Marli Hultgren

    How many. Do we have to lose . Before they make it 4 lanes. ?

  77. Pierrette Anne Lister

    I'm so sorry for your loss!

  78. Pierrette Anne Lister

    I'm so sorry for your loss Mary!

  79. Johnna Hart

    My prayers are with the families. Highway 59 is an incredibly busy highway. I hope we all learn a lesson to pay more attention and not become distracted. The results are devastating. Again, my prayers are with the families.

  80. Fred Loock

    You do not know the facts, the driver could have had a seizure or heart attack, it happens. Wait to hear the facts. So sad for whatever reason.

  81. Fred Loock

    I drove that road for 10 years, I do not miss it.,

  82. Johnna Hart

    My prayers are with you.:(

  83. Jamin Battles

    The one in the bus? That's crazy they survived there is nothing left of the car hope they heal fast

  84. Marli Hultgren

    After my mom got killed in 1982 .they made the road by Wyoming machinery 4 lanes. It took 2 people 2 die before that happened

  85. Mary Kay Reeves


  86. Connie Sadler

    Holy crap, Keith. Stay safe

  87. Kari Peterson

    Dear Heavenly Lord keep all involved in your arms,

  88. Jeffery Caffee

    PTI and Powder River Transportation in Gillette all operate under Coach America. Same company.

  89. Linda Ferguson

    OMG…thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families…ow very tragic…

  90. Roy Lashley

    No…Coach America ceased to exist in Aug 2012.
    PTI is an independent van company from Evansville Indiana which purchased the crew transport part of coach that hauls for the railroad. The buses were purchased by Powder River Transportation or its parent company. Two completely seperate companies with no affiliation.

  91. Lue Trumbull

    All my thoughts and prayers to all involved. What a horrible tragedy….

  92. Carrieann Haeusler

    t me tell u something ok my 5,10,12 missed that crash by 30 mins 30 mins ok!! I'm sorry but that's how I feel! When u r responsible for a bus full of ppl and how huge that bus is there life and everyone around u life is in ur hands

  93. Carrieann Haeusler

    They shouldn't have driven anyone in that condition and bc they did now these poor ppl r gone and family's r without there loved ones!

  94. Bill Styles Jr.

    that's fucking wild not good

  95. Christie Beane Elliott

    I am so sorry…..my thoughts are with you & your family.

  96. Christie Beane Elliott

    I am so sorry, my thoughts are with you and you family!

  97. Christie Beane Elliott

    So sorry for your loss! My thoughts are with you & your family!

  98. Heather Leibel- Burrow

    Such a tragedy. My prayers for ALL involved what a horrific accident. Please lift up your voices to comfort the families and loved ones involved. Leave the judgment to the Lord. Ranting about who is to blame heals no pain….be a light in this world not a black hole.

  99. Levon Laatsch

    I'm usually at 77k, Keith, and it's the same thing. I don't know how many times people flypast me then almost run into my front bumper.

  100. Cruz Rocco Valeriano

    A gory scene.

  101. Dawn M Taylor Schwindt

    Carrieann Haeusler Really…u need to quit. I hate people posting shit when they don't even know the facts. And actually 30 mins is quite a long time…maybe if they had missed it by a few seconds it would warrant your comments. Best to keep your thoughts to yourself.

  102. Sky Stitt

    Powder river transportation has always been part of the bus side and the crew transport side gets tossed around. I used to work as a mechanic down there and what your saying is true, treated shitty and underpaid. The good help doesn't stick around. I used to install drive cams in all the vehicles down there so this wreck is definitely all on tape. My step dad has also been injured by the same company. Even when the name changes they are just buying the already running business with the same people down there running the show

  103. Greg von Savoye III

    Buses going 10 mph under the speed limit will cause more risk for everyone.

  104. Johnathan Howard

    All famalies are notified before this type of thing is posted

  105. J.d. Atkinson

    Driving 59 is insanity anymore. But instead of adding passing lanes and such we get signs that remind us to buckle up. Im so sick of watching tax money flushed down the toilet

  106. Amen

  107. Mark Togstad

    I took a NARM PR bus to the Riverton casino Saturday night. I really hope this was our driver…This road is such a death trap!! Prayers to all

  108. Andrea Slates-Ralston

    prayers and hugs scott

  109. Jonathan Bergeron

    total crap!

  110. Saundria Reynolds

    Driver was. Probably on his cell phone and not paying attention

  111. Deanna V Hammrich


  112. Chad Johnson

    Jeffrey as a PTI driver myself I want to inform you that though a little over a year ago it was coach america now it is owned by a company that is not affiliated in any way shape or form with powder river transportation. PTI is owned by a company out of Indiana known as united leasing and has nothing to do with coach other then we have some of the old coach vans. Just so you know anyhow that we are not part of that company.

  113. Chad Johnson

    You mean wasn't right?

  114. Tara Thompson

    I'm sorry Scott

  115. Chad Johnson

    Stephen, with all do respect but where did it say that the bus was speeding or going to fast? It didn't say that… truth be known that a earlier report saidit was going the speed limit. So don't start saying speed was involved it wasn't. And DeWayne Lien good idea have the biggest things on that road go slower then they already go so we can have more of the miner 500 pass them on double yellow lines. Great ideas. Sorry I drive that road every day and yes 4 lanes might help but put some more turn offs on the damn road and put higher fines for speeders, the problem is not with the trucks busses and such but with the speeders that have ran me off the road more then once. If there was more officers on that road that could ticket the idiots (not the truckers usually) and make people thinkthen yes it wwould probably not be such a horrible road.

  116. Heather Beck Green

    my thoughts and prayers are with all these people who lost a loved one or witnessed this tragedy. my friend lost her husband and l cannot begin to imagine the pain. may god be with you all

  117. Kim Angela Ciria


  118. Robin Fink

    very sad.. demanding hours an tired drivers… I worked in the basin an rode the same bus lineto douglas people fall asleep..

  119. Tammy Pepper- Febry

    Prayers for friend and families.

  120. Gene Robinson

    Jeffery Caffee No, they are not the same company

  121. Marie Kranz

    It's scary to have had such a near miss, but you cannot put the blame on anyone until the facts are known. If it is the case that the driver had a medical condition you can't say he isn't allowed to make a living because of it.

  122. Marie Kranz

    What does that have to do with this. Ask of the lanes were closed because it was a construction zone. More lanes doesn't mean anything in this situation.

  123. Hallie Cox

    This is terrible. So glad to hear that Jay and his passenger are ok, Jason.

  124. Marie Kranz

    Do not cake claims or put blame on or about anyone until there are facts to prove it.

  125. Tim DuBois

    prayers and thoughts go out to all lost and to the others hurt or shaken up and also to there familys.But there is so much blame accidents happen every day do to health conditions people not payong attention and so forth you never know if your safe or not.On that there were signs posted should have been followed and yet theres always one or more who dont pay attention or follow what the signs say.I do type this ive worked hwy depts and other construction sites for years i did flagging on things like this and your never safe as far as complaining about road work times theres no complaint the signs are posted for a reason.I lived in gillette for years we drove 59 lots very unsafe road do to to many thinking its a speed way and its not you make it a 4 way and youll just make it worse even thow thats what should have been done years ago. Again prayers to all

  126. Mark Prine

    Horrific pics. So glad Justin made it out.

  127. Leslie Ann Haney

    My heart is broken for my cousin and his family. He leaves behind a loving wife and two young children. Please please keep them in your prayers.

  128. G. Sue Rausch

    So sorry for your loss Leslie. We are praying for you & your family Our Love & prayers are yours. Love you <3 (((Leslie))) <3

  129. Melissa Monroe Connolly

    Many arrows sent to the man upstairs. Lord. I pray you look over everyone affected by this tragic accident. Not only the people directly involved but every single man or woman that travel hwy. 59. For work or with their families. I pray and thank you for all of the emergency workers that put their lives on the line to help all in need. Lord, watch over our towns. Amen

  130. Greg Surwald


  131. Shelia Spade


  132. Teresa Shaw

    It is so unfortunate that accidents of this magnitude can be so easily avoided, but still are not. What a waste.

  133. Shelia Spade

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  134. Shelia Spade

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  135. Shelia Spade

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  136. Karin Schumacher

    Jeffery Caffee actually PTI was bought out by a different company a couple of years ago

  137. Fred Stout

    check out the billboard at the edge of town encouraging the " Coal Miner 500". Does no good to call in- I have had law enforcement tell me they won't stop anybody unless hey go over 75. problem is these people were stopped– bus driver did not.

  138. Penny Furman

    They say he was going 65 miles an hour. Why would he be going that fast when signs are posted far enough away to slow down?

  139. Amy Royce

    Penny Furman If he had no brakes, he can't control his speed. He would be unable to slow down when the signs told him to. That could explain why he was going so fast. I don't know if his brakes went out or not, but that was my first thought.

  140. Rita J Bellew

    Prayers to all the families. How terribly sad!!

  141. Vicki Hartshorn

    I agree. This is the most traveled highway in the state of Wyoming and traveled mostly by industrial related drivers (coal miners, oil field personnel, service companies working for or providing for the mines, oil fields, etc.); not to mention the number of people that live in the rural communities and travel to Gillette or Douglas for supplies, doctors appointments or entertainment. The state of Wyoming needs to complete the 4-lane highway between Gillette and Douglas. This accident was tragic indeed, but could have been prevented if there had been four lanes so two lanes could have been open while they worked on the other two lanes. My condolences to the families who lost loved ones in this accident and to the friends and co-workers as well. God be with us all.

  142. Vicki Hartshorn

    Agreed. It's scary out there. We definitely are safer in our haul trucks at work than we are on the state roadways.

  143. Naomi Shillingstad-Gergen

    I wonder what distracted the bus driver so much that he didn't see the signage and parked cars until it was too late.

  144. Amy Miller

    Sooooo sickening!!!! My prayers to the families of these loved ones lost so tragically!!!!

  145. Lana Peterson

    People just dont pay attention to construction zones

  146. Jeff Weskamp

    I lived in wright and ran compressor station up and down 59 and I kno those buses like to haul ass! Sad very sad indeed!

  147. Brian Mitchell

    Very sad – Heard about this on the radio yesterday – My prayers and thoughts go out to the victims and families that have been affected by this tragedy….

  148. Elizabeth Niklasson

    How very sad. My heart and prayers go out to all the people involved & the families who lost loved ones.

  149. Lori Kinner Boeding

    We are holding the family up in prayer Leslie. So sad. Gillette is rallying to help in anyway we can. It is so sad.

  150. Paula Kauer Pederson

    Prayer out to all involved. Terrible tragedy

  151. Janet Vercruysse

    This is horrific!

  152. Carole VanRensselaer

    Prayers and Condolences go out to Everyone affected by & Related to this Accident! It is Definitely a Horrific Accident ~ and Accidents do happen! Anyone who was involved in it ~ right down to the Law Enforcement ~ Towers ~ Rescuers their Friends & Family Members who have to Handle the Loss of their Loved ones! My Prayers also go out to the Bus Driver who will forever relive this over & over again ~ I wasn't in that Drivers seat but I can Imagine!
    I feel good about being a part of a Community that Cares & pulls together in times like these ~ We ALL are here in a time of Need! Go ahead & Lean on us! God Bless each & Everyone of you ~~~ Your in our Prayers!

  153. Cora Moser

    MAY GOD give courage and strength to the families of these victims. i've traveled that road and am always amazed that with the money involved in the mines, that somehow a four lane highway wasn't constructed years ago!!

  154. Harvey Saxbury

    Back in the 70's we had bumper stickers that said "Pray for me I drive highway 59". Obviously it hasn't changed, but why????

  155. Chris Majors

    I am not from there but visit at least once a year and can understand why it was of interest. If you don't want to see it turn off the TV!

  156. Gene Robinson

    Jeffery Caffee ANd actually, most of the drivers of PTI have been driving for more years than you are old. And along with that, many are either retired from the trucking industry, or have a background from driving semis. When one rants, one needs to know the facts first

  157. Fred Stout

    Again Road NOT the problem.

  158. Fred Stout

    Been driving that road for 38 years . Road is not the problem

  159. Fred Stout

    agree need more facts. Many things could be going on. Stroke, heart attack, seizure, mechanical failure, or distraction.????

  160. Fred Stout

    Passing lanes all over the place on that road now. all one must do is wait for one of the many, yet people still pass on hills and solid lines at high rates of speed. Many years it was a two lane with no shoulders and no passing lanes.

  161. Fred Stout

    Can't blame WYDOT for a drivers mistake. This is what all of us who drive these big chunks of iron down the road every day must deal with. 4 wheels or 18 we must all be aware of the damage we can cause with a spit second of distraction. Lets all drive carefully please.

  162. Fred Stout

    I agree with Keith on this one. Distractions and poor drivers are the problem. Widening the road AGAIN or more is still not the answer. SLOW DOWN and pay attention . I have had to avoid many people on this road. Changing the road has not fixed the problem before so I don't think it will again. If there were 6 lanes there would still be someone dumb enough to pass in oncoming traffic. Slow down. The extra 10 minutes it takes to get to work or home is time well spent. My prayers go out to all involved in this.

  163. Carrieann Haeusler

    One of the passengers on the bus said they fell asleep

  164. Carrieann Haeusler

    But I'm sorry if u have health issue u shouldn't be driving a bus full of ppl. I'm upset for the family's

  165. Fred Stout


  166. Carrieann Haeusler

    And the lives lost! It's tragic! I'm sorry for being honest on what I'd would do if those were my baby's dying bc of it!

  167. Shannon R Gerdel

    Judy, You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry for your loss God bless you!

  168. Fred Stout

    one of the dumbest postings today. Maybe enforce the speed limit for cars doing 80 to 90 MPH. The space we local trucks leave is not there for cars to cut in when passing at crazy stupid speeds . It is there for safe stopping distance. Common sense.

  169. Shannon R Gerdel

    Leslie, I am so sorry to hear about your families loss. May God watch over all of you. I am praying for you. God bless you!

  170. Michele Mcbroom

    I feel sorry for those involved although, not being used to this highway I can understand there are times that it may seem to be busier but the ignorance of saying the construction should not have been at a certain time is pure ignorance having worked with laying concrete and doing a lot of construction there are only a window of time we can do this due to weather conditions and everything else involved if drivers would do as they are required to do by law such as pay attention things like this would not have happened but as we all know ignorant drivers are ignorant and this was bound to happen sooner or later since this driver apparently was not paying attention. So lets place the blame where it belongs not where it does not such as on others the fault is the driver of the bus in agreement with whoever was dumb enough to hire such an ignorant driver, point blank.

  171. Jeffery Caffee

    I stand corrected. I did not know that the company was divided two years ago. My apologies for spreading disinformation. Gene Robinson, I'll agree to strongly disagree with you and your second comment.

  172. William Brunkow

    Back in the 60's, Highway was classed as the loneliest stretch of road in Wyoming. Now it is classed as the most dangerous road in the state!

  173. Michael Colón

    Horrible. I'm sorry. :(

  174. Nick Jessen

    There is no doubt that it isn't the fault of the highway. That said we have needed a four lane from Gillette to Douglas for 50 years and it is only going to get worse. I can believe with the amount of money Campbell County has sent up that road to Cheyenne that we can't bet a four lane. come on WDOT

  175. Heather Carnahan

    Amy Royce If the brakes went out you'd think the driver would take the ditch or do anything possible to avoid running into a line of parked vehicles. (my thoughts anyway)

  176. Amy Royce

    Heather Carnahan That's true!

  177. Heather Carnahan

    maybe a heart attack? Whatever it was there's no way to make any of this feel good. It's such a horrific tragedy.

  178. Sharon Harris

    This is absolutely HORRIBLE!!!!

  179. Melissa Iszler

    Andrew Alva, not going to happen for at least 2 years since Obama wants to away with the Coal anyway. It would hurt the system to have too much down on the hwy at once if they do a lot of construction all at once. Plus they need to be able to afford it. I heard they were planning on it, just needed the funds to do so. That's my 2 cents anyway.

  180. Melissa Iszler

    There is no update as far as I know on that Naomi. I wonder if it was there for awhile as well. Or if this was new. Like it was un-expected or not marked out far enough or at a hill. I had asked Paul all the same questions because my mind could not imagine how something like this could just happen. However, we did not come up with anything but implications ourselves and the outcome of that poor woman who will now have to live with the outcome of the situation regardless of the beginning actions. She will now have to live with the un-intended consicence of her actions and the outlandishness people are going to react out with. The boldness she will have to have to survive herself and depend on God to see her through the next steps of the rest of her life. God will have to play a HUGE roll in all of these lives because only HE is big enough, strong enough and can LOVE enough to help all these hurts, fears, anguish and dumbfounded human beings through the very harsh tragic and realistic magnitude of such an event. Lord, be with us all!! :'(

  181. Melissa Iszler

    I stand in agreement!! ^^^ In Jesus name!! AMEN!!

  182. Marie Kranz

    People with medical conditions have the same right to earn a living just like anyone else. You can't discriminate shabbat someone for a medical disorder.

    Once again, there are no confirmed facts released about what happened, so you should wait to find out what really happened before you spread rumors.

  183. Carrieann Haeusler

    I'm not going to argue with u ok!! And no if u have health issue to where there is a chance u could crash a huge bus like that then no they should find an office job where life's won't be lost bc of it!! I'm not spreading rumors according to the ppl on the bus that were there said she feel asleep! Either way my children were almost in that accident I have no sympothy for the driver what so ever only for the poor family and lives lost

  184. Melissa Iszler

    I think by the time this article aired, KOTA New or Rapid City had it on television and people from school and work places had been notified. In fact, I think it is safe to say that probably by noon yesterday, everyone knew who they were. It was 3. Surprised that is was only that many and I am thankful it was JUST that many. However, there is enough hurt about the accident itself that whether or not the pictures were posted in a timely manor or at all is beside the point anymore. I don't think that needs to be an issue anymore. There is definately other things to think about or offer condolences to the people involved and their families. The way to find out is not the issue. Technology is not a person's fault. I mean the reality is more likely than not you or anyone really, will probably find out huge news on a family member through a text, news, or status post anymore vs a phone call or knock on the door. I found out that a NARM bus was involved via text through a friend though my husband was on his way home on a NARM bus and I talked with him an hour earlier as he was telling me he was back up in traffic due to an accident of some sort which looked pretty bad from what he could see with the emergency lights and whatnot. He was not going to be home at his usual time. My heart SANK and I STILL feel nausea when I think it to be if I were in these shoes of these families. Pictures posted IS NOT THE ISSUE anymore. Please more on and lets PRAY for these families.<3

  185. Doris Jean Cochrun

    May God be with all of them. Speed sign are out there everywhere. It is the people who are speeding to fast and miss seeing the sign,

  186. Melissa Iszler

    Judy, I can't even begin to imagine what you must be going through. You are in our hearts daily and in our prayers hourly. My heart sinks at the thought of such a tragic event. Such a senseless nightmare. May God comfort you in a way that only He can. May family stick by you and hold each other up in the way they are meant to like the glue. Most of all, may time heal your heart toward forgiveness and more strength than you could have even imagined someday in your life when all this comes to pass. May you know the so many people (even strangers) are caring for you and your loved ones through this difficult time. God bless you all!!

  187. Melissa Iszler

    Leslie & your cousin's family, I can't even begin to imagine what you must be going through. You are in our hearts daily and in our prayers hourly. My heart sinks at the thought of such a tragic event. Such a senseless nightmare. May God comfort you in a way that only He can. May family stick by you and hold each other up in the way they are meant to like the glue. Most of all, may time heal your heart toward forgiveness and more strength than you could have even imagined someday in your life when all this comes to pass. May you know that so many people (even strangers) are caring for you and your loved ones through this difficult time. God bless you all!

  188. Melissa Iszler

    THANK YOU!!!! Finally someone who could put what I was feeling all day in words. I was not trying to disrespect. So this explains it right here. Thanks!!

  189. Melissa Iszler

    Carol, I can't even begin to imagine what you must be going through. You are in our hearts daily and in our prayers hourly. My heart sinks at the thought of such a tragic event. Such a senseless nightmare. May God comfort you in a way that only He can. May family stick by you and hold each other up in the way they are meant to like the glue. Most of all, may time heal your heart toward forgiveness and more strength than you could have even imagined someday in your life when all this comes to pass. May you know that so many people (even strangers) are caring for you and your loved ones through this difficult time. God bless you all!

  190. Carol Pett

    Thank you all so much for caring and for all the prayers. Our whole family is very sad that this had to happen. I pray for his wife and kids, his Dad and Mom the most. I feel this should not have happened and that the Bus driver is at fault (from what I am hearing). We do not know what Gods plan is for us. When he is ready to take us home he will, no matter where we are or what we are doing. If God took him home so he wouldn't feel the pain, then so be it. Colin will be missed by his Wife and children, His Mom and Dad, and the whole family. What a fine Man he was.

  191. Melissa Iszler

    Carrieann Haeusler I can't imagine the magnitude of fear that welled within knowing that your children could have been right there!!! I FREAKED too when I realized my husband was on his NARM bus, but the later one to leave! The reality of how much they travel on the roads everyday and how much they depend on other people to have a SAFE environment to get them home day after day, night after night is such a BLESSING!! It has made me grateful and fully aware not to take such things for granted!!!! The story of the bus driver I think is yet unknown and you are correct to say that if there was anything suspicious about the character of her driving in the past and nothing was done then this will be a HUGE deal. If this was a distraction…HUGE deal!! If it was a fluke "she just passed out" and no reason as to why or how or nothing as to known she would leading up to this then it's ok but yet still…a HUGE deal. Either way it is looked upon, this is a SAD, SCARY, TRAGIC and HUGE deal. I do feel for this woman. She will forever have to live with the unintended consiquences of her actions, accidental choices or decisions that created the next steps of her life. DEEP BREATH and move forward….My heart and my SOUL ache for every bit of these families of their loved ones. Only God can help this situation as far as I am concerned. You have the right to be adement about your FEAR as to protect your babes. I would have been and was a moment when my heart dropped thinking…as others most likely did….that could have been….I am surprised and grateful it was JUST 3….from the looks, it could have been much more!!! :'(

  192. Jaime Kelly Suing

    A new article says the bus was on cruise control at the time of the accident. So sad and so senseless. Praying for the loved ones of those lost.

  193. Renee Summers Klein

    Judy, I'm so very sorry for your loss. Know you are in the hearts and prayers of many, even complete strangers. My heart goes out to you and all the loved ones of those who were injured or lost their lives.

  194. Renee Summers Klein

    I'm so very sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to all of the loved ones.

  195. Renee Summers Klein

    I'm so very sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to all of the loved ones. You are all in my prayers.

  196. Renee Summers Klein

    Heartbreaking. When the investigation is done, I hope something will be done to make things safer, not that it changes things for those who were killed and injured. As someone who lost a boyfriend to a drunk driver, I know the shock, especially if it comes from someone else's inattention or negligence. Prayers for healing and comfort for all concerned.

  197. Pat McCoy

    As tragic as this accident was, I fail to see what the roadway had to do with it. I agree tat roads need improving, but don't go blaming the roads for these accidents, put the blame where it belongs THE IDIOTS BEHIND THE WHEEL.

  198. Renee Summers Klein

    Mary, I'm so very sorry for your loss. Know you are in the hearts and prayers of many, even complete strangers. My heart goes out to you and all the loved ones of those who were injured or lost their lives.

  199. Renee Summers Klein

    I'm so very sorry for your loss. Know you are in the hearts and prayers of many, even complete strangers. My heart goes out to you and all the loved ones of those who were injured or lost their lives.

  200. Renee Summers Klein

    My heart and prayers are with all those affected by this terrible accident. When the investigation is done, whatever all the facts are, I do know this ~ too many drivers are passing on hills, texting, talking on their phones, driving too fast for conditions. The bus driver will have to deal with this for the rest of his/her life ~ I can't imagine that kind of hell. As someone who has lost a boyfriend to a drunk driver… please ~ slow down, don't drink and drive, put the phone down. If you are too exhausted to be driving, take a break. May all those affected and their loved ones receive all the support possible, know you are in my thoughts and prayers as well as those of so many others. My heart breaks for you, I pray for healing for all.

  201. Bob Morgan

    David French, 7:30 AM start time in construction is not the problem.
    It is the inattentiveness of drivers, in this case the untrained bus driver.

  202. RusselandMaria Hays

    I travel that road all the time when I work in the Gillette area and when I'm traveling back and forth to north dakota. it's insane how people drive

  203. James Zieff

    the article didn't seem to be slanted against the roadway, to me; but that's just how i read it. the bus driver obviously wasn't paying attention to anything outside the bus, and that's the real problem, plain & simple.

  204. Crystal Sears Shaul

    So very sad. Thoughts and prayers to all.

  205. Travis Berndt

    I don't know if the bus driver should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and spend the rest of their life in jail, or placed in Witness Protection but get to live the rest of their life knowing people are DEAD because of their carelessness and obviously complete and untter incompetence. If the brakes went out the bus driver should have put the bus in the ditch – better one vehicle than EIGHT.

  206. Midge Bartow

    Les, I am so sorry for your loss. I had no idea. I also know his mother and father in laws. My love thoughts and prayers go out to all of you!

  207. Valerie Fulkerson

    Very well said, Renee. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to those affected by this horrible tragedy.

  208. Karen Asay Morgan

    Sending love and many prayers to all of the families. I completely agree with you Lance. They have needed to do something with that highway for so many years! It is too bad it takes something like this to get something done with a highway but hopefully this will wake them up and they will expand it like it needs to be. and…. if people would pay more attention when they drive that would also save many lives!!

  209. Callie Keahey

    So, someone tell me why the hell they stop traffic during shift change?

  210. Andrew Guthrie


  211. Martha Sprigler

    Not me posting on this

  212. Charlie Huggans

    DeWayne Lien why the trucks and busss shoud be cars to cars are more of a prodlem then trucks thay thank thay have to get by the truck at all cost need more cops out there just like thay did for 191 from rock spring to pindal make the cars slow down a lot

  213. Charlie Huggans

    Fred Stout so dam true I drive a heavy haul truck thay do it all the time think we can stop on a dime

  214. Alvina Clines

    Was there anyone you knew involved in this wreck Mom? Prayers to all evolved and to their families! :'(

  215. Tammy Pepper- Febry


  216. Kris Hendricks

    Melissa Iszler pictures are an issue when you have lost a family member. The last thing my sister needed to see was the car her husband was pinned in prior to losing his life.

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