Riverton police make another meth arrest after two small children found in car with two passed out adults

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Guests at the Roadway Inn alerted police and took matters into their own hands when they discovered two small children in a car parked next to the motel with two adults that were “passed out” inside. According to Captain Eric Murphy of the Riverton Police Department, the guests were returning to their room when they walked past a tan 2004 Buick Rainier in which an infant was reported to be screaming. The guests apparently could not awaken the adults, so they gathered the children up and took them to the motel office and called police. The children were females, ages 6 months and 2 years old.

Tlana Jealous

Tlana Jealous Of Him

Police arrived at the scene and made contact with the mother of the children, Talana Jealous Of Him, who was not one of the two adults passed out in the car. “Mom appeared to have been using drugs, she blew 0.0 for a breath alcohol test but had marks on her arms, had an extreme dry mouth and her verbal responses were slow and sluggish,” according to the police report. She gave her consent for her vehicle to be searched, and police found a zip-lock like bag with trace amounts of methamphetamine in it. Police also found a rolled-up $20 bill in her purse with a white substance on the inside roll. After officers showed her the evidence, she allegedly admitted to officers that she had taken methamphetamine at 3 a.m. that morning.

Northern Arapahoe Child Protective Services was contacted and the two children were placed into their custody.

Jealous Of Him was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, use of methamphetamine, child endangerment and on an outstanding failure to appear warrant.

Murphy said the child endangerment charge came about because the infant was crawling on the front seat and could’ve had direct contact with the bag that that contained methamphetamine.

Murphy did not have any additional information about the man and woman who had been passed out in the back seat of Jealous Of Him’s vehicle.

Murphy said the arrest continued a string of recent methamphetamine arrests, including several last week that apparently involved a new form of the drug called “Monster Meth” that had been cut with another substance or substances.



  1. Chuck Bryant

    She'll get prison time because she's Native. Meanwhile, white guy who was making and selling the stuff in Dubois gets probation.

  2. Lehi Aoah


  3. Hope Urrutia


  4. Tahna Bourne


  5. Angela Jay

    How awful. Poor babies :'(

  6. None of them will get what they deserve. Losers!

  7. Stephanie Majdic

    Treatment?? Really. That's not gonna help .they need to put anyone who uses drugs away!!! PERIOD!! People think more of drugs than their own kids… get real folks this isn't going away soon….

  8. Summer Marie Beals

    is that really her name?

  9. Carli Jo Bagwell

    That cannot be her last name??? Uhmmm? Am I the only one to see this?

  10. Kelly Jo Campbell

    I did a class at the WIES and this name really is normal compared to some! They are just old tribal names! Crazy huh! Poor babies.

  11. Wendy Ainscough Fretheim

    Oh, but it is Ms Carli…

  12. Carli Jo Bagwell

    Wow!! Thank god my name doesn't describe character. I'd be sol!

  13. Stephanie Majdic

    Well let me just say that these kids are already suffering Hope!!! So you say we pay for stupid idiots to get clean?? The kids would be better off with ppeople that care about their well being!!! They were doing drugs with a 6 month ols and 2yr old. thats ok with you huh?? Its better that those parents arent there to show them that this is what your life is!! SEND THEM TO JAIL!!!!

  14. Stephanie Majdic

    thats her last name . she is native american

  15. Ron Howard

    You think the cops made it up?

  16. Jt Trosper

    i got no use for people useing meth….i just dont get it…they know the tragedies of useing it….yet still do…im not talking the exsisting addicts… but the new users!….and to do it with your kids present…is pathetic

  17. Amelia Stepetin

    people have got to know who is selling and who is using and friggin report them!!!

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