G&F to begin gray wolf trapping for monitoring purposes

(Pinedale, Wyo.) – As part of ongoing efforts to monitor the population of gray wolves in Wyoming, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department will conduct capture operations in areas of northwest Wyoming beginning this spring and continuing through fall.

All areas where trapping is being conducted will have major access points marked with warning signs, as well as warning and/or area closure signs in the direct vicinity of trap sites.  It is critical that all members of the public heed these signs.  When captured, animals are immobilized, processed, released on site and monitored.

The annual monitoring of the gray wolf population is vital to the ongoing management of wolves in Wyoming.  Information obtained through these efforts is directly used to assess the status of the wolf population in Wyoming and provides necessary data for directing wolf management activities.


  1. Connie Petrich Shaw

    How much more is this going to cost us?

  2. Victor Lassen

    More likely to see how many they can kill in the next hunting season.

  3. Clemens Schenk

    Stop managing for heavens sake….

  4. Robert McCormick

    When I think of cruel traps I think of neck snares that strangle the animal, and leg-hold traps. Is there a humane trap? What types of traps does Game and Fish use?

  5. Lea Bayliss

    How about managing the human species for a change – after all it is our species that is overpopulatied by at least 3.5 billion – at least wolves self regulate their numbers depending on food availabilty – something the "intelligent" human species hasn't figured out yet.

  6. David Henderson

    Maybe you should get your fat arse trapped and go through same pain .

  7. Spooky!

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