Video: Tornado touched down north of Riverton yesterday

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Yesterday’s severe storm north of Riverton did in fact produce a tornado, the National Weather Service Office in Riverton is reporting. NWS uploaded this video to its YouTube account yesterday.

The video was taken by Josh Allen, husband of NWS Meteorologist Kelly Allen. The tornado reportedly touched down at about 2:09 p.m.

For a synopsis of the tornado and what caused it, click here. 


  1. Brian L Kimball

    Would you please be a little more accurate. The proper term for that type of event is a water spout

  2. Floyd Leonard

    only if it occurs over water

  3. Raphaella Stump

    So was it on the water or land? If on land and it touched the ground it's a tornado allright.

  4. Randy Ray

    Brian, only if it occurs over water is it then considered a water spout. Otherwise, it IS a tornado.

  5. Ashley Eckley

    but it looks like it IS on the water…. lol be specific here guys

  6. Nick Pieper

    Where is the funnel cloud looks like a dust devil to me

  7. She Wolf Lewison

    What and no freaking horn telling us it had. They trying to kill us. Absolutely no warning. There was a storm watch but that was all. I am angry now.

  8. Karen Schroeder

    so where exactly did it touch down? Do we know?

  9. Laurie Klingelhoets

    maybe it was far enough outside of town?

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