Mead directs Attorney General to join New York gun rights lawsuit

(Cheyenne, Wyo.)– Governor Matt Mead has again directed the Wyoming Attorney General to join a lawsuit to protect the Second Amendment rights of citizens. The case at question is in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals and challenges New York State’s restrictive gun law. Wyoming is joining 21 states in asking the Court to apply strict scrutiny on gun restrictions.

“This is another case where one state’s gun laws could have a negative impact on Second Amendment rights nationally and in Wyoming. These rights are fundamental to the people and critical to our way of life,” Governor Mead said. “I will continue to protect our Second Amendment rights.”

The case in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals is called Nojay v Cuomo.


  1. Annette Baxter

    What? He's concerned about our 2nd amendment rights in WY but doesn't want WY citizens to have the right to elect a Superintendent for Public Instruction? Amazing.

  2. Michael Smith

    Mead is starting to make Geringer look good. Too bad the women did not turn out in enough force asRita Meyer only lost by 700 some votes

  3. Karla Portlock Borders

    Don't you want our gun rights to be protected, because that's what he's doing…

  4. Joel LaPierre

    I say KUDOS to Governor Matt Mead we need more leaders like this. He realizes our 2nd amendment rights are granted to us by GOD. It is not up for negotiation and we are not going to ask our gov't if we can exercise our God given rights.

  5. Bryan Eastman

    Thank-you Gov. Mead!! Gun owners in NY need all the help we can get. P.S. I LOVE Wyoming!!!!! I plan to retire there!!!

  6. Rich Stafford

    wtf does does that have to do with the 2nd Amendment? Get your priorities straight.

  7. Rich Stafford

    God my butt. They were granted by the founding fathers of our nation…who by and large were not religious, but rather deists. Most had no damn use for religion at all and said so.

  8. Eduardo Blanco

    THANK YOU Governor Mead!!
    We need all the help we can get over here in NY.

    We need to stand together or they will topple us state by state.

  9. John Miller

    Thanks for the support. One by one they will dismantle our freedoms if we don't stand united.

  10. Dave Rotoli

    Thank you Wyoming. We here in NY are dilligently working on the repeal of this ridiculous law. We are also working on getting Andrew Cuomo repealed !!!

  11. Robert M. Auberger

    Thank you Gov. Mead!! Here in NY we could use all the help we can muster ……

  12. Chuck Green

    Thank God there are still patriots in this country! Thank you Gov. Mead for your support of the United States Constitution and for those of us trapped behind enemy lines.

  13. Craig May

    Thank you Governor

  14. Robert M. Auberger

    Rich Stafford … saw one of your earlier post … sorry to break it to you, but you need to really crack open a book or two about the "founders" …., it seems you really know little about the framers of our Constitution, Declaration of Independence or Bill of Rights. Have you even ever read any of the Federalists papers or read the biographies of those men? Seems you have drunk too much of the left wing kool-aid if you think our founding fathers were all deists, (dieists did believe in God) … your just mouthing left wing rhetoric and need to actually read the documents of our country and stop making yourself look foolish.

  15. Sonny Faljean

    Thank you to the 21 states that support the 2nd Amendment more than my own state of NY. One day, all of my tax dollars will be spent on one of your economies.

  16. Gary J Wheat

    Thank you Governor!

  17. Kim Carroccio

    Thanks Gov. Mead!!! We New Yorkers are under attack by our own elected officials. We are simply tax revenue for them.

  18. Anthony Carrion

    Hopefully this backing will have positive impact for NY, and its overtly corrupt Governor…"Im going to start a commision to investigate corruption, but once they realize it is I who is corrupt, I'm going to disband it"

  19. Bill Miner

    Thanks Governor Mead. Welcome to the fight!

  20. Bob Granato


  21. Randy Ray

    Karla Portlock Borders . Who has threatened to take away our Guns NOONE! that's who. The only thing that has been said over and over again is that there needs to be stricter background checks. I am sick and tire of all the ignorant rednecks that believe even the mentally unstable need to own guns. You all need to grow up and get educated instead of acting like something you are not and that is smart.

  22. Randy Ray

    Mead and his hired hands need to quit wasting money everywhere else and take care of the problems here. Alcohol,drugs, poverty.

  23. Karla Portlock Borders

    Randy Ray I don't know who you think YOU are, but I don't know you, and you most CERTAINLY do NOT know me. If you wish to be ignorant to the fact that there are many people who would prefer to see us without our guns, that's your perogative, you just keep that perverbial WOOL pulled over your eyes. I am certainly not going to stoop to chastizing you or calling you stupid… I am not an ignorant redneck, as you so eloquently put it, I am simply excercising my opinion, which is my GOD given right! Don't like it?? TOUGH!!!

  24. Rich Stafford

    No, actually Im quite familiar with the founding fathers' thoughts on religion. As for "left wing" you couldn't be further from the truth. As for deists believing in a God, you are wrong. If anything, they believed in science and rational thought and the natural world. You obviously think much of yourself. Anyone can google what the founders thought of religion. After doing that, anyone can determine who the foolish one is. Sorry. The Federalist Papers? The Bill of Rights? You are aware the Bill of Rights is in direct response to those "federalist control" papers, are you not? As for the Constitution, it had a Fugitive Slave Law built into it. Remember that? Fact.

  25. Rich Stafford

    Oh. I teach this crap at college. I've forgotten more about the Founding Fathers than you can read in a month. I looked at what I could on FB and decided if it weren't for your ignorance you would probably be someone I would get along with. Your probably a person who thinks the nation is a Christian nation, and my comment got you riled up because it offended a belief. Well, I'll ya that Thomas Jefferson went out of his way to explain the United States was in no way founded upon Christianity. Who was Mr. Jefferson anyway?? Oh, that's right, The man who wrote the Declaration of Independence.
    And that comment you reference was DELETED so I wouldn't have to deal with some dimwit crawling out of the woodwork, and then my feeling compelled to give a US history lesson.

  26. Robert M. Auberger

    Rich Stafford … and your point is what? … your thoughts you stated earlier are clearly from the left and others … you are obviously reading the wrong things about the founding fathers or you would not have said what you did about God not being any part of our founding fathers thoughts or reasons behind the Dec of Ind. or the Constitution … had you really ever in your entire life actually did some REAL reading on the founding fathers you and I wouldn't be debating this now … Deists DO believe in God … saying they didn't does not change facts …

  27. Robert M. Auberger

    Rich Stafford … and your point is what? … you thoughts you stated earlier are clearly from the left and others … you are obviously reading the wrong things about the founding fathers or you would not have said what you did about God not being any part of our founding fathers thoughts or reasons behind the Dec of Ind. or the Constitution … had you really ever in your entire life actually did some REAL reading on the founding fathers you and I wouldn't be debating this now … Deists DO believe in God … saying they didn't does not change facts …

    [ dée ìzzəm ]

    rational belief in God: a belief in God based on reason rather than revelation and involving the view that God has set the universe in motion but does not interfere with how it runs.

  28. John Brown

    I can see that there are some libtard trolls posting about this maybe some one can give them a sugartit to suck on or maybe get them a pillow to bite on

  29. John Brown

    Thank You Gov.Mead

  30. Randy Ray

    Karla Portlock Borders Oh I see, Your God condones guns! I know who I am. I am NOT a sheep as the rest, I can think for myself. I do not believe what others say, I educate myself, unlike others. If you feel you fit the redneck category, so be it just don't whine when you find you have been lied to.

  31. Paul Ciancio

    Thanks Gov. Mead!!!!!!!!!

  32. Robert M. Auberger

    Rich Stafford … wow, just because you teach something does not mean your a good teacher and teaching facts vs. your opinions … hell, most of todays schools and universities are left leaning and almost all teachers don't teach the way I was taught during the 60's – 70's, but instead tend to teach their own views of what they feel the truth is. You cherry pick your info you want to agree / disagree with and then have the nerve to start calling someone ignorant … what does this say about you?

    If Jefferson was a deist, how do we explain his own words where he stated that in the Jefferson Cyclopedia (#2147)

    “I hold (without appeal to revelation) that when we take a view of the universe, in all its parts, general or particular, it is impossible for the human mind not to perceive and feel a conviction of design, consummate skill, and indefinite power in every atom of its composition…
    …it is impossible I say, for the human mind not to believe that there is in all this design, cause and effect up to an ultimate cause, a fabricator of all things from matter and motion, their preserver and regulator while permitted to exist in their present forms, and their regeneration into new and other forms. We see, too evident proofs of the necessity of a superintending power to maintain the universe in its course and order.”

    It sounds like Jefferson believed in Intelligent Design and that there was a “superintending power to maintain the universe and its course and order.” This sounds like a personal God, a Creator God who upholds the universe and sustains it with His power and keeps it in order. That is not a description of a deist God at all. Although he had a difficult time believing in the miracles of the Bible, he apparently believed in a God that participated in and governed sovereignly over the creation and the mankind.

    Spin this any way you want and it means the same to me … Creator = God, its or founding documents and the personal memoirs of many of the founding fathers …

  33. Michael Silver

    This is a huge blow to Cuomo. The vast majority of Americans value their 2nd Amendment rights. So much so that 22 State Attorney Generals are challenging Cuomo's SAFE Act. He pretty much ruined his chances of national office. Between and active corruption investigation of Cuomo's meddling with criminal investigations and a challenge by Rob Astorino, Cuomo may find himself on the unemployment line come November.

  34. Michael Silver

    Attorney Generals of 22 States Are Challenging The NY Federal Court Decision Affirming Cuomo's SAFE Act and a Ban On Semi-Automatic Firearms. They Cite a "concerning" precedent.

  35. Jon Sonnenschein

    I am glad Wyoming is joining in this fight. I concur with the Governor 100%, because what goes on nationally with the Second Amendment impacts us more than we know and it also feeds the fire that the Supreme Court sits around.
    Even though Wyoming is ranked as the third friendliest gun state, (Arizona #1 and Utah #2) according to our laws… we need to take a much harder look at some of those laws and make a few more changes, like the "Castle Doctrine."
    We have a self-defense law based on the Castle Doctrine, and this is a “stand your ground” state. However, the stand your ground provision only applies when persons are within their own home. This means you do not have a duty to retreat (run away) when confronted by a perpetrator. You may stand your ground to defend yourself.
    The law in Wyoming does not excuse crime victims from a duty to retreat outside the home. Meaning if you are in your car or the convenience store down the street, the stand your ground law portion of the Castle Doctrine does not apply there.
    If you stand your ground to protect yourself and dispatch the perpetrator without first trying to retreat when outside your home, you leave yourself open to being sued by their family in civil court for the death of their loved one, because you didn't give them a chance and run away.
    This is something that really needs to be changed.

  36. Brad Barber

    Thank you too all the states that are joining this. I think this just shows that Cuomo has lost any hope of trying to run for President !

  37. Patrick D. Sperry

    A great example of broken clock politics, at least Mead got this one right!

  38. Michael Cornell

    Either support ALL the Rights guaranteed by the Constitution or ignore all of them!

  39. Jim James

    Wow, Mead must have told many of his dupes to praise this dog and pony show to cover up that he made sure virtually every pro-gun bill in the last legislature never reached his desk.

  40. Paul Zirpoli

    Thank you to All The States That are going to Bat for NYS Gun owners and the Constitution

  41. Rich Stafford

    Robert M. Auberger And even though you are an idiot, you can say whatever you like, and I'll defend your right to say it. Even if you don't deserve it.

  42. Robert M. Auberger

    Rich Stafford …. wow…. your just as bad as any 10 year old …. when you going to start the Mother jokes and taunts? I remember earlier when you said we might be friends in a different situation, but I think not …. I dont any longer have "friends" that cannot act like a adult … you know the type? … they are the ones when they get a bit of resistance to their limited views fall back to taunts and name calling … I presented my opinions and instead of openly discussing them, you derided me, called me a idiot all because I questioned you? … pretty darned pathetic ….. and you never did respond to my question about Jefferson and others about their Deist beliefs in real life, not your opinion of such ….

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