Mending Fences symposium on EPA lawsuit surrounding Riverton’s status is tomorrow

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Wyoming citizens have voiced concerns about recent federal recognition of Riverton as part of the Wind River Reservation. Sponsors of a May 6 symposium at Central Wyoming College in Riverton want to ease those concerns and generate conversations about settling two related federal lawsuits.

The public is welcome and encouraged to attend a panel discussion on May 6 from 9 a.m. to noon at the CWC Intertribal Education and Community Center, Wind River Room.

“We hope the event will spark positive discussion and creative thinking,” said Anthony  “Al” Addison, Arapaho Business Council Member.

The symposium will explore the experience of a Michigan community that settled a similar federal lawsuit. In 2010, parties to a 100-year-old disagreement on the Isabella Reservation in south-central Michigan overcame incredible adversity to reach accord.

Ultimately, the State of Michigan, the City of Mt. Pleasant, Isabella County, and the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe settled the litigation. In the process, they vastly improved
Native and non-Native relations there, officials said.

“Initially, I think we all thought we were going to resolve the lawsuit in court,” said Mt. Pleasant City Commissioner Kathleen Ling. “But in the process of sitting down and talking to each other (in mediation) we realized we weren’t as far apart as people had initially thought.”

The May 6 symposium will feature panelists, including Ling, who helped forge the Michigan settlement agreements. They will discuss:

• How they came together to solve complex jurisdictional, land, and tax issues.
• Why settlement was better than letting a federal judge impose a resolution.
• How settlement agreements improved day-to-day coordination between the Native and non-Native communities.
• How those agreements are working today.
• How we can create a similar settlement strategy here in Wyoming.

The symposium theme is, “Mending Fences: How one Michigan town settled its reservation boundary battle without the courts.”

–Provided by the Northern Arapaho Tribe


  1. Wade LeBeau

    Only the SHOSHONE have the authority concerning the lands within the SHOSHONE RESERVATION!! Shoshone are the ONLY TREATY TRIBE!!

  2. Bone Head Hill

    Thts true

  3. BeDeaux Wesaw

    was there any Shoshone people there?

  4. Damon Grant

    lol so you people dont pay your bills and now you want to talk? your people think we Indians are dumb. Think that we gave this land to you. insanity i would confess if i were you people. honestly tho how greedy does one have to be to take Indian land, when one has to look behind you and see all that land not being used? besides i would think by now the city of riverton owes millions to the Shoshone tribe. so this is an attempt to persuade the public into thinkin that riverton is a victim. but in reallity riverton is just a idiotic plan that was thought up buy a bunch of old white men thinkin they could get Shoshone land. maybe if you people acknowledge this historic violation of our sovereignty and ask for forgiveness. i would respect you people more if you people would accept the fact and say sorry for trying to take advantage of simple Indians that had no understanding. no understanding of concepts like we could take the united states to court, the concept that we could use cases that have been won as precedents for our fights. oh no they never understood the future would be ours, that we now understand what it is that is at stake. maybe you people should understand we shoshones are the dominate goverment in these lands

  5. Bethany Baldes

    Why is this in the morning on a week day. People can't just leave there jobs. Makes me very sad that I will have to mitts this today because of previous commitments.

  6. Bobbie Wells

    I beg to differ

  7. Patty Tillman

    well said!!

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