Four-year-old St. Stephen’s boy dies in wreck near Laramie

(Laramie, Wyo.) – A 4-year-old St. Stephen’s boy was killed in a single vehicle wreck on Monday evening on Highway 287 about 22 miles south of Laramie.

Steven T. Warren died a little more than an hour after the wreck at Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie, stated information in Wyoming Highway Patrol report.

The wreck occurred at 9:30 p.m. on an icy and snowy Highway 287 while Jerome H. Warren, 39, of St. Stephen’s, was at the wheel of the 1994 Chevrolet pickup. Jerome A. Whispering Wolf Warren, 8, was also a passenger.

“Warren lost control of the vehicle as he was starting to negotiate an uphill grade of the roadway,” the WHP states. “The vehicle started to rotate clockwise as it went off the roadway on the right side going into the barrow ditch. The vehicle then rolled 1 1/4 times. Neither child was properly restrained in a booster seat or a seat belt and during the rollover event Steven was partially ejected from the vehicle. The cab of the pickup sustained minimal damage and there was no intrusion into the occupant compartment. Troopers have cited Jerome for not having the children properly restrained in the vehicle as required.”

Both Jeromes were treated and released at the hospital. Neither were reportedly wearing seat belts.


  1. Desirae Jellis

    Where is ivinson memorial hospital…. Because it isn't in riverton Wyoming …

  2. Desirae Jellis

    Is it in Laramie ?

  3. Jenn O'Neill

    In laramie

  4. Wolf Paws

    He was such a handsome, sweet little boy. Very caring heart.

  5. Tecia Stroh Hubble

    Ivinson hospital. Is in Laramie Wyoming.

  6. Nookhoosei Niibei

    Prayers <3

  7. Cassie Lemley

    It clearly states IVINSON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL IN LARAMIE. read people. And this man better feel horrible. Always take every precaution to protect your children ALWAYS.

  8. Michelle Love Rakness


  9. Alisa Breazzeal Granger

    How tragic! Folks, I agree that the kids should have been properly restrained and that may have prevented his son's death. This father is going through his own kind of hell right now and does not need the judgement of others raining down on him. I'm sure he is blaming himself more than any of us ever could and it was a regrettable accident. I'm sure every one of us would have done some things different in our own lives if we could only look to the future at the consequences before hand. Just sayin'.

  10. Anita Roman McLaughlin

    In Laramie WY

  11. Desirae Jellis

    When I posted my comment it said in riverton otherwise I wouldn't have asked …

  12. Desirae Jellis

    Thank you Anita … It hadn't been corrected when I asked … I appreciate you not being snarky like some others who commented… Thank you again

  13. Desirae Jellis

    Thanks tecia

  14. Anita Roman McLaughlin

    Desirae Jellis No need to be snarky. My heart is broken on behalf of this loss. When there was the family with the little girl that was lost, there were funds raised. We cannot forget that a little child was lost.

  15. Desirae Jellis

    Anita… My comment didn't read right .. What I meant was that others were and you were not for that I am grateful…. My heart goes out to the community and the family who lost this poor little boy… Tragedy is such a heartbreaking thing …. I pray for all those involved ….

  16. Itz Shy To U

    You don't need to be passing judgement about what my family is going through. And do something different in your own life and keep comments especially negative ones and opinions to yourself please! Just telling.

  17. Alisa Breazzeal Granger

    I'm absolutely not passing judgement on your family. In fact, quite the opposite. My comment stemmed from someone else's critical comment. Please read it again.

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