BLM interested in staging two firefighting aircraft at Riverton Regional Airport

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Riverton Regional Airport Manger Paul Griffin said the city has been approached by the Bureau of Land Management to lease a portion of the airport for firefighting aircraft.

Griffin told the Airport Board on Friday that the BLM is seeking a one year lease with an option to renew for another four years.

“They indicated they want to station two aircraft here, and would utilize our water and power systems. I understand they are wanting to put a trailer on the site to house several pilots,” Griffin said. “They also want to place two tanks on the property.”

The area under consideration is near the airport’s current fuel farm on the SW corner of the airport property adjacent to the Airport Road.

When completed, the lease application would be forwarded to the city council for its approval.

Just north of the Fuel Farm is the General Aviation aircraft apron and hangers. (Ernie Over photo)

Just north of the Fuel Farm is the General Aviation aircraft apron and hangers. (Ernie Over photo)


  1. Gene Ralno

    Everyone knows what happens when you sleep with dogs.

  2. Kit Collings

    After the BLM debacle at the Bundy ranch we don't want the BLM to have a reason to do anything in Wyoming. Boot out the bums.

  3. Michael Smith

    Is the BLM wanting to be in competition with Wyoming's long established air tanker business up in Greybull who which several decades has provided tankers to fight fires in Wyoming and throughout the western United States?

  4. Heidi Haines

    I understand that you guys think that the blm is going to be like the buddy ranch situation here in Wyoming, but the blm fire side of things is much different! Think if the sinks canyon burnt again, it's closer recourses for you guys. It's closer than where they have to come from now. And say that they don't get approved to station there, you'll complain that they should of been there. It's creating jobs for Fremont county, and is bringing in revenue

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