US Bank – Important details for Settlement check recepients

(Fremont Co., Wyo) – US Bank will be cashing Settlement Checks in both Lander and Riverton.  We will be charging a 3% fee.  Please visit us in Lander at 505 Main Street and in Riverton at 215 N. Broadway.  Please bring a valid ID.   


  1. Barbara Hayes

    This is ridiculous! would this happen to white people too? US just can't stop taking from the American Native Americans. American greed at its finest!

  2. Dave Bratcher

    No, it's not the same for white people, white people don't get settlement checks.

  3. Benny Nobuyuki

    White people without a bank account get charged 3% also.

  4. Michael Smith

    That is why and never will bank at US Bank GREED

  5. Andrea Weber

    First comment has to be race hatred, what's wrong with this picture

  6. Chuck Bryant

    3% might be reasonable on a $100 check. But 3% of $6300 is outrageous; it's not 63 times more work.

  7. Robert Ortega

    Banks are such rip offs!!!

  8. Robert Ortega

    This is one big reason I would never open a account with this bank..GREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Bob Haywood

    I would not do business with this bank. People need to remember they have choices, you do not have to accept unreasonable fees.

  10. Barbara Hayes

    Andrea it is not race hatred. I remember when the stores would raise their price 2 cents apround the first of every month when the per capitals would be out. may sound ridiculous to you but a class mate even reported that in class. race hatred I don't think so, when I'm part white also. I also remember when the Teton had a sign that said no dogs or Indians allowed. why is it we just now see this advertisement…..yep because the settlement. it is pure greed

  11. Mike Yawalkijr

    lol lil less than 200 bux for cashing a 6g check is nothing. QQ moar!

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