Settlement check monies used to pay fines in Riverton, Lander municipal courts

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The Director of the City of Riverton’s Administrative Services Division said that since the settlement checks for the Northern Arapaho Tribe arrived this week, business has been brisk at the municipal court clerk’s office. “On Wednesday we received a total of $20,000 in paid fines, in $100 bills alone,” she said. “That was in addition to $6,000 in lesser amounts. On Thursday we collected another $9,000 in fines making the two day total $35,000.” The usual monthly total for the Riverton court is around $13,000.

The story was similar in Lander.

Lander City Treasurer Charri Laura said that on Wednesday the city court received roughly a month’s worth fines paid in just that one day. In total, $6,500 in fines were paid back, she said. The next day, another $2,260 came in, making the two day total $8,760. Laura noted that normal month in fines for the city is between $6,000 and $9,000.

She also said the court had received a number of calls from individuals saying they would come in by the end of the week to pay their fines.


  1. Mary Lemley

    Must be nice to have your finds postponed. Wish everyone could have this treatment

  2. Donovan Antelope

    And someone always has to complain about something

  3. Lea Wiggins-Johnson

    Actually most of them are spending the it money wisely and to be honest all these people that are mad about their settlements can just be quiet they have been waiting for this money for years it is theirs and people on food stamps and title 19 and all this other stuff still complain well they get hand outs all the time that's what that is and people abuse the state help big time….so all you out there can just be quiet at least they are getting themselves out of trouble and avoiding jail where the real criminals should be like rapists and murderers and what not…that's all I have to say

  4. Heather Lynn Keldsen

    That's awesome way to go guys :)

  5. Gloria Renee

    At least they're paying their fines and keeping themselves from getting into more trouble by NOT paying them. People who are mad or complaining about the settlement need to grow the fuck up and do their research on why it was received before bitching and complaining.

  6. Cassie Lemley

    Total horse shit. What happened to Everton being treats equal hahahaha. Well I think we should just give the town back to them and let them perish when the volcano erupts. Bye bye.

  7. Cassie Lemley

    Stupid auto correct. *everyone being treated

  8. Mary Lemley

    Hey all im saying i was in court with my child six months ago and the judge was postponing fines until they got their settlement checks.. While my child had six days to pay his fine and if he didnt pay they would put a warrant out.. They treat us very differently.. Thats all imsaying

  9. Williamenia Mae

    Good job Northern Arapaho People… proud of u and yes those other people always negative all I can say is jealous much wish ur skin was brown?? Ha probably not and this wasn't a hand out a we are the ones that get treated different get a life and be glad ur white haha

  10. Joy Ann Cadwallader-Tutor

    I personally dont mind that they got that money. It is OWED to them. And from what I have seen in the last few days, no one is just blowing it, besides… its their money to do with as they please. People that are complaining need to get off their high horses and shut up.

  11. Valerie G. Boyd

    That's awesome glad their spending their $ wisely. Good job peeps

  12. Jacque Bell

    well said Lea well said

  13. Sheila Haukaas

    what a nice statement :)

  14. Sheila Haukaas

    I was gonna pay my fines with my settlement anyway :) my people are being pretty smart with their money, I'm glad their not going cray cray :)

  15. Clair N Lois Clubfoot

    Cassie Lemley *stupid is right

  16. Clair N Lois Clubfoot

    what's that saying, "money talks & something or the other walks, lol

  17. Cassie Lemley

    yeah sorry "we're" held to higher standards because of our high mentality rate..

  18. Cassie Lemley

    tax payers, meaning us, are paying for the b.s. "extra protection" for THEIR checks. so we have a right to complain. if they want extra protection they need to pay for it.

  19. Joy Ann Cadwallader-Tutor

    Cassie Lemley… if you were to get a large sum, wouldn't you want protection. Don't be a hater. Your making yourself look like a racist. Besides, they didn't ASK for the extra protection, it was volunteered to them. So, as far as the cost for the protection is concerned… yell at the city government, as they are the ones that made that decision.

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